DNLS 2020 Finale Review

CoRe Takes SP10 Championship With A Dramatic SP3T Finale!

The final round of the Digital Nürburgring Langstrecken Series took place last Tuesday in October for its’ ending race around the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. While CoRe’s GT4 squad Carl Jansson and Sindre Setsaas already secured the SP10 category championship a race before, the TCR team of Marius Golombeck and Kimmo Suominen gave it all to finish ahead SimRC to get a double champ’ victory for CoRe.

Starting from pole position in the SP10 GT4 field, Carl and Sindre did not hesitate to show their solid performance once again in their Cayman and pulled off quickly from the rest of the field. The CoRe TCR machine took off the grid from second position immediately initiating the fight against championship contender SimRC. An exciting chase through the green hell for another breathtaking finale had begun.

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PESC & PESPC Finale Review

Setsaas Secures P13 in PESC 2020 Season | Gibson & Mangan End PESPC Season P6 & P8!

It has been an insanely tough but exciting season for the CoRe SimRacing drivers Carl Jansson, Sindre Setsaas, Thomas Gibson, Oscar Mangan and Samuel Libeert – the iRacing Porsche Esports Super Cup as well as the Sprint Challenge had come to an end. Sprint Challenge duo Gibson and Mangan were able to secure valuable points in the last Monza finale race which made them end up in the Top-10 in the overall standings : a very promising 6th and 8th position. Setsaas showed great performance in the last race, too.

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SCO Oak Tree 300 Review

CoRe Wins At The Oak Tree & Secures A Double Podium!

The last special event from the Sports Car Open organization in this year was a five hours race at the Virginia International Raceway featuring iRacing’s Audi RS3 TCR and the GT4 category. CoRe SimRacing did compete with three entries who were up to run the race around the still existing virtual oak tree. After great battles with some top tcr teams both CoRe SimRacing entries finished on the podium.

Kimmo Suominen and Marius Golombeck were the squad for one of the CoRe TCRs. The other CoRe RS3 machine was lead by Carl Jansson and Ross Balfour. As main competitors SimRC, HM Engineering and Puresims Esports were pushing hard both CoRe teams had to give it all to keep it safe in the tight and close but fair racing TCR pack. Managing it well through repeating GT4 traffic at the tricky VIR circuit and focusing on clean driving, CoRe’s Ross Balfour and Carl Jansson saw themselves in the lead position by the end of the race to take the class victory at the Oak Tree 300 event. Marius Golombeck and Kimmo Suominen were able to join the podium finishing in 3rd securing the team another very valuable double podium. The RaceSpot broadcast of this event can be found here.

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Welcome to Season 13

While we have prepared a new GT3 Endurance Series with 8 races at 3 hour length – we will still bring you our main series. The Virtual Endurance Championship.

So what have changed, not much – we got a good formula right now. But let’s take a closer look
– We have added the Ferrari F488 (small bop is expected on this)
– We have combined all division championships, meaning you can move your way up or down in the overall standings and divisions. Every other race we promote and demote the best and the worst team/teams in each class. This means new point system including participation points.
– More racing, first off S13 will have 9 races. Plus we have upped the length of the races (plenty of 6 and 8 hour races).
– Konnichiwa to Suzuka and Hello to a yet TBA track.
– VEC races goes cloud based, we’ve always gone for overkill servers – we’ve always wanted to give the best experience to users. That combined has let us to go all in on cloud hosted servers at Amazon.
Between races we will still offer dedicated practice servers will be up – but on race day we fire those beasts up and you will get informed.

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CoRe Recruits Next iRacer From Finland

JJ Nylander Joins CoRe SimRacing!

The CoRe SimRacing Team is happy to announce their latest addition to the team : Jari Nylander. JJ, who is a programmer from Espoo in Finland, decided to officially reinforce CoRe’s line-ups from July 2020 on now. After he showed great performance in the last Sports Car Open one-off’s events running with the CoRe SimRacing guys, the conclusion to dive into a full CoRe membership was defined.

JJ, who loves to run and do some enduro motorcyling in his free time, started racing online in 2003 and took the jump to the iRacing service in 2008. “I want to get back to some proper endurance racing with CoRe and want to try and help preparing for those including testing, setups and data analysis.” – Jari Nylander.

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Welcome to A-Town

A cloudy, miserable looking day greeted the drivers for round five of GTE racing. Was this a sign of things to come…

Qualifying was close, the top seven drivers all within a second of each other. Vance, Leif, and Binkley traded the top spot until Leif finally said “hold my beer” and put down the fastest lap of the day. A blistering 1:15.7 to secure pole position.

It didn’t take long after the green flag fell before these guys were touching all over each other. Jeff Lacey was the first one who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Getting loose in turn one he ended up turning left instead of right. Leaving Mark with no where to go.. Jeff was able to continue on electing to wait until his fuel stop to fix any damage from the incident.

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iRacing 2020 24h LeMans Review

CoRe With Difficulties At 2020 Le Mans Event

It is one of the most prestigious simracing events of the year : the 24 hours of Le Mans – and it proved to be once again a very challenging and tough race, especially this time by for the CoRe SimRacing team. The squad including Janne Kiuru, JJ Nylander, Pascal Stix, Maik Paluch and Kenny Roosen had to face trouble early in the race – it already started after the event was split in two consecutive running events. Due to the server and registrations issues as well as the general overload of motivated competitors, the strong CoRe LMP2 squad had to bail out.

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DNLS 2020 Round 6 Review

CoRe’s #DNLS line-ups secure another double victory in GT4 & TCR category!

It was another flawless performance by both CoRe SimRacing entries in the sixth round of the 2020 Digital Nürburgring Langstrecken Series. The winning team, Carl Jansson, Sindre Setsaas and Matti Sipilä were the squad behind the #303 CoRe SimRacing 2 GT4 entry while Patrick Kubinji was supported by Kimmo Suominen this time by who made sure to continue the success streak in their Audi RS3.

Starting from 4th position in class, Kimmo was racing in a tight pack throughout the first couple of laps. Drafting down the straights and saving fuel against Full Send Racing, T3 Motorsport, Team Heusinkveld, Sorg Rennsport and SimRC, both Kimmo and Patrick were able to lead the race after taking advantage from opponent penalties. While Carl started the race from pole position in the GT4 category, Sindre and Matti only had to keep it clean due to an already big gap the team was able to pull early on.

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CoRe’s Back With Belgian Manpower

CoRe strengthens its’ line-up with a former member!

CoRe SimRacing is happy to announce the return of friend and former Belgian member Kenny Roosen! Kenny, who comes from Mons in Belgium and who has been always very interested in real life racing and also in simracing in general, decides to come back to CoRe after his longer break from iRacing. The contact, former simracing results and the friendships within CoRe made the decision an easy one after Kenny showed his potential in the last SCO 6h Watkins Glen event.

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SCO 6h Glen 2020 Review

CoRe P Wins 6h Glen & Podium in GTE Category!

The next special event by the Sports Car Open administration team was a six hours race at Watkins Glen which was held to compensate the missing 6h of the Glen event by iRacing. CoRe SimRacing was competing with three teams, Janne Kiuru with guest driver Kenny Roosen in the GTE category while Maxime Pauly, Maik Paluch, Pascal Stix and Carl Jansson split up to fill two Honda HPD Prototype teams.

Maxime qualified the secondary HPD team in 9th as he could not recall his optimal performance in the open qualifying session while Carl had to start from 3rd fighting out the pole position with Flamboyant Flamingo Racing and Mivano Simracing. Janne had to start the race with Kenny from a promising 6th position in class in an over 25 GTE’s big class category. A sketchy turn one moment started the race for all CoRe SimRacing efforts as we saw teams spin out of the first corner making teams avoid the car in front. Carl started to push to the lead from early on and Maxime was able to profit from an HPD crash in front which made the secondary HPD team sit on P4 for a couple of stints. Meanwhile the GTE effort was doing solid as Janne and Kenny were fighting for a podium position debating it out with SimRC and Prologue React’s Ford GT several times on track. Later on a massive safe from Carl in the leading HPD let the team wake up for a second.

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