Oster Versa Blender Review: Priced Right For Power and Size

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The Oster Versa is yet another in the sub-$200 blender market that attempts to use ingenuity and a few shortcuts to produce the same level of consistency and product that the $500+ Vitamix blender puts out on a daily basis. But does that effort pay off without making you pay an arm and a leg for the privilege of a cold breakfast shake every morning?

Read on in my Oster Versa 1400 series blender review to find out!


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Price: $174.98 on Amazon
Available: Now

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What is the best dryer to buy?

In the world of major home appliances, dryers are like the comedian Rodney Dangerfield; they get no respect.  Consumers tend to invest a significantly larger amount of time and energy researching the perfect washer, then almost as an afterthought, they purchase the matching dryer without any investigation into its functions, features, or performance.  This is a big mistake.  Clothes dryers offer just as many important options and levels of effectiveness as any other home appliance.  Since this is such a common misstep, we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you; the best dryer to buy in our eyes is the LG DLGX/DLEX (gas or electric) series of dryers.

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GE Artistry Appliance Series

These days, with so many different appliance manufacturers out there battling over consumer patronage, many of the major appliance brands have steered away from making products that appeal to the masses, focusing instead on designing appliances which are tailor-made for specific demographic groups. Especially true for the most preeminent brands, this strategy maximizes the appeal of certain products to certain people based on criteria such as consumers’ age, aesthetic preferences, and financial status. One of the best examples of this strategy is the soon-to-be released Artistry Series from industry giant GE. This unique line of kitchen appliances has been designed and manufactured specifically with the Millennial generation in mind. Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are quite possibly the most substantial and highly-coveted demographic in the appliance industry today. At present, Millennials make up a large portion of first-time homebuyers, and new homes means new appliances. In fact, according to real estate brokerage Redfin, ages 25 to 34 make up the largest proportion of homebuyers today. With this statistic in mind, the GE Artistry Series Repair caters to the design preferences of this demographic group while keeping the retail price of new units low enough for them to afford.

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What Ice Machine Should I Buy?

If your refrigerator does not include a built-in ice maker, then a home ice maker can be an extremely valuable and worthwhile purchase. Ice makers are ideal for large families, for those who entertain guests frequently, for small businesses, or any setting that requires a steady flow of ice. These independent ice makers are available in many sizes and styles, including undercounter, freestanding, and portable models, and are produced by many of the most popular appliance brands. Although some of the fancier models with the most features can cost a pretty penny, the more basic, uncomplicated models are relatively inexpensive, both to purchase and operate.

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Life Expectancy of Appliances

Over the past decade or so, major home appliances and the appliance industry as a whole have significantly changed. Design changes, new functions and features, quality of components, and advanced manufacturing techniques have vastly altered the way appliances work and how long they will last before needing to be repaired or replaced. Whether you’re buying a new appliance or deciding whether or not to repair an old one, it can be extremely useful to know about how long it’s going to last. There are many variables that contribute to life expectancy of appliances. Depending on the model and brand, the original cost, manufacturing quality, and how heavily it´s used, an appliance may last a longer or shorter period of time than national averages. Keep in mind that the life expectancy listed here is just a general guideline. Obviously a washer that is owned by a bachelor will last longer than one owned by a family of six.

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GE Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser

GE has been doing a great job promoting its new French Door Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser across the Internet. On the day of this post, a quick Google search revealed more than 18,000 indexed results (all within less than 30 days!) for the keyword “French Door Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser.” But, despite the hype, how does the refrigeration unit really stand up to comparable models?

In April 2013, General Electric announced the release of their newest French Door Refrigerator, which boasts the first ever hot water dispenser. This new feature is capable of dispensing up to 10oz of hot water in a single use. The hot water dispenser functions much like its cold water counterpart, but has a touch screen control panel that enables the user to select from various preset hot water temperatures; the settings include a 185º soups setting, 170º tea setting, 150º hot cocoa setting, and a 90º warm setting. Users with specific needs can customize the temperature settings using the touch screen control panel.

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