How to Clean an LG Dishwasher That Smells Bad

When your kitchen has a foul odor, pinning down the source is usually the first priority. But what can you do when you find your dishwasher is the root of the problem? We’ll detail how to clean an LG dishwasher filter, tub, and spray arms to banish odor and prevent its return.

Eliminating Odor: How to Clean an LG Dishwasher Quickly and Effectively

Knowing how to clean an LG dishwasher involves targeting odor at its source.

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Lake Appliance Repair Is Going Cashless

All across the world, things are changing for people and businesses alike due to COVID-19. This pandemic has forced us to re-think the way we work and do business, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s why Lake Appliance Repair is going cashless for the benefit of our customers, employees, and our company as a whole.

What Does “Going Cashless” Mean?

This change means that our company won’t be accepting paper money for in-home repair services anymore.

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6 Useful Freezer Hacks That Make Life Easier

While most appliances make our lives easier, it’s always a bonus when they can do double duty. Aside from just preserving our ice cream stash, your freezer is capable of so much more. From restoring your jeans to saving vegetable seeds, these surprising freezer hacks can turn out to be game-changers.

Change Your Life with These Helpful Freezer Hacks

The average day is busy enough with work, school, and everything in between.

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5 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets Around the House

Dryer sheets are extremely handy when it comes to doing laundry, but that’s not all! They can also be used for a wide variety of home cleaning hacks making them even more valuable. From removing pet hair to cleaning electronics and more, check out these alternative uses for dryer sheets around the house.

Clever Hacks and Practical Tips: Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

Finding alternative uses for dryer sheets can make life easier at home.

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Lake’s Essential Summer Checklist for Appliances

Summer routines are more relaxed, but our hard-working appliances know no season. Some may have to work even harder on hot days. To keep them in tip-top shape, our experts created a summer checklist for appliances from refrigerator care to gas grille maintenance. With a little extra attention, you can be sure your appliances are ready when it’s time for summer fun.

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Cube Controls GT-X Wheel Review

Final thoughts on the GT-X custom wheel kit from the guys at Cube Controls. This is their flagship custom Sim Racing wheel. My version came maxed out with the 6 paddle option. Right out of the box you can see that Cube Controls put a lot of effort into producing this wheel. I like the suede leather covered grips on their new rim. One of the most ergonomic to me, I have felt in a while. Of course that is subjective so others may not agree. Overall finish on the wheel met my expectations for something at this price point. With obvious attention to detail everywhere I looked. The buttons a lit by LEDs and have a nice crisp click to them when actioned. All the encoders had a consistent feel to them. With minimal shaft movement and solid feeling well spaced detents. The 7 way joystick also has nicely defined detents, but more closely spaced than the larger encoders. One odd thing I noticed was that the 7 way clicked when pushed in 2 directions instead of all four. This did not affect performance but needs to be noted here. I would like to see the button shield around the 7 way lowered as I found it to be a tight fit for my fingers when using it. Those with larger fingers will have some difficulty here. Around the back we find 6 paddles. The shifters felt very good, with nice tactile clicks when actioned. They have a trick looking bearing solution on their pivot points and are contactless HAL effect units. As are the 2 extra levers on top and the clutches. The dual clutch function was easy to set up, and I was able to dial in a good bite point with little effort. The 4.3″ Ultimate Game Tech display is a treat to use. A nice crispy clear panel with a generous amount of available features. The internals of the GT-X are just as well done as everything else on this wheel. With a custom circuit board designed specifically to integrate with the UGT display electronics. The back aluminum cover is a very solid piece of kit with proper reinforcement in all the right places. I also found the fitment
tolerances of the back cover to be very close with a nice tight friction fit with the front panel assembly. Of course the litmus test for any custom wheel is how if performs in game. Here the GT-X comes
together to present the driver with a serious tool for not only obtaining constant lap times, but also situation awareness of a races progress. Which can be a big help in getting a top finish. I found the new wheel rim to be comfortable for longer stints and stiff enough to allow my Direct Drive wheelbase to transmit a detailed stream of Force Feedback queues. Which allowed me to react in good time to save some me during some pretty dodgy situations. Being comfortable with the wheel you have in hand makes the job of turning consistent lap times a much easier task.

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RealGear GTPro3 Xtreme Pedal Set Review

Final thoughts on the RealGear GTPro3 Xtreme pedal set. This pedal set is based on a 600 series Tilton racing pedal set. Which not only looks good in your cockpit, but gives you the feel of a real set of racing pedals under foot. There are enough physical adjustments on this set to allow most people to dial in comfortable feel when in use. Being a hydraulic pedal set, they use what I would consider a good pressure sensor in the SSI Technologies units. The throttle pedal uses a hall sensor setup to detect pedal position. The clutch pedal is set up to work in a pneumatic fashion with its own SSI pressure sensor. The pedals come with a set of stiff bushings for Autofab, installed on the slave cylinder. If you find them to be too stiff for you driving style Ricmotech also sells a brake tuning kit with softer bumpers. Once you have the bumpers you like installed you can still fine tune the brake pedals feel and throw with because of the way they have set up Tilton brake bias bar functionality. The cables coming from the hall sensor and the two pressure sensors are nicely done with aviation style screw on looking collars. The GTPro3 kit also comes with a long list of possible configuration options that can be implemented via their proprietary controller box which contains a custom circuit board with an ECU daughter board. When I was using the switched base interface on the box, I found it to be a bit clunky and inconsistent in its operation. But you can get the optional settings registered by exercising some patience and studying the instruction manual. This interface is the only section of this pedal kit that I was left wanting for a more user friendly and graceful solution. The price point of the GTPro3 sets a very high level of expectation as far as performance and usability is concerned. In my opinion they could have come up with a better way to allow the user to make use of the available tuning options here. Overall I did like using this pedal set. It makes you feel a little closer to driving an actual race car.

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DNLS 2020 Finale Review

CoRe Takes SP10 Championship With A Dramatic SP3T Finale!

The final round of the Digital Nürburgring Langstrecken Series took place last Tuesday in October for its’ ending race around the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. While CoRe’s GT4 squad Carl Jansson and Sindre Setsaas already secured the SP10 category championship a race before, the TCR team of Marius Golombeck and Kimmo Suominen gave it all to finish ahead SimRC to get a double champ’ victory for CoRe.

Starting from pole position in the SP10 GT4 field, Carl and Sindre did not hesitate to show their solid performance once again in their Cayman and pulled off quickly from the rest of the field. The CoRe TCR machine took off the grid from second position immediately initiating the fight against championship contender SimRC. An exciting chase through the green hell for another breathtaking finale had begun.

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SRM Fantatec APM Carbon Paddle Upgrade Kit

Final thoughts on the Fanatec APM carbon paddle upgrade kit from Sim Racing machines. This kit give you the ability to get some good carbon paddles mounted to your APM units. My kit was the complete kit that has all the paddles for GT and F1 modes of the APM’s. They are a solid 3mm thick with not counter sunk holes. Of course most already know that the original APM paddles that Fanatec shipped were only 2mm thick and had counter sunk screw holes which removed even more material from the already, in my opinion too thin paddle design. I stated this in my review of the
Fanatec APM modules a few months back. Now the newest APM units shipping from Fanatec have 3mm thick paddles. But that doesn’t help people who have the older 2mm paddles. SRM now give us an upgrade path that will give your APM shifters a new found solid tactile feel that you can’t get from the original 2mm paddles. When driving with the new SRM paddles attached. The difference
is immediately noticed. Gone is the soft flexy feel of the original paddles. In its stead is now a much more solid feeling shifter. With also gives the driver better tactile feedback when shifting or actioning the other paddles available on the APM units. Now the analog paddles also feel different from the original aluminum paddles, but they felt very solid. So only the texture of those paddles have changed.
If you have the older version of the APM units from Fanatec, this new 3mm carbon paddle kit from Sim Racing Machines would be on the top of my list of ways to improve the overall feel of the original
Advanced Paddle Modules from Fanatec.

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Scorpion Actuators From PT Actuator Review

Final thoughts on the new Scorpion actuator from the guys at PT Actuator. It’s always good to see a manufacturer making efforts to improve on their products. Especially when it’s easy to see that a
product could be improved upon. But I always considered the Monster actuator from PT Actuator to be a solid, well performing unit. So, what needed improving? Apparently a few things. We now have a larger TBI ball screw unit in the Scorpion. Moving from a 1605 unit found in the Monster, to a beefier 2005 unit. This should give the Scorpion a longer life cycle for this part of the actuators construct.
Along with a new anti-twist solution using a 6 tooth gear and 6 grooves machined into the piston housing unit. This will spread the twisting load on the piston across a larger area. Instead of the single machined grove in the piston shaft used before. Another change here is the new bronze support bushing being used inside the piston to support the end of the screw element in the ball screw unit. Where there was no support before, now we have support for the screws end along the entire stroke of the pistons travel. All these changes come together to create a more robust way to construct their actuators. And is the reason the new Scorpions have increase their weight capacity to 200 kg from the Monsters previous weight capacity of 150 kg. I was also able to convince the guys at PT Actuator to send me a sample actuator so that I could tear it down and do a direct comparison on the differences between the Monster and the Scorpion. This also allowed me to do a build video for those who would like to perform their own maintenance on the new Scorpions. Something I will be doing every two years or so. Overall I am pleased to see PT Actuator was able to improve upon their Monster design without effecting the already great performance I was getting from the Monsters. Now when I’m running the Scorpions I get a good feeling about just how long these units should last.

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