Asko Washer And Dryer Review (2021)

An Asko washer and dryer set is a great choice for city dwellers because of their unique ability to fit into smaller areas. They’re stackable, so they can fit in a narrow closet, and compact enough to go under counters.

You should know that Asko is the only compact washer and dryer brand that makes stainless steel products. We prefer this material because it tends to be longer lasting than plastic.

The company also gives you more dryer options than other compact laundry appliance manufacturers. It’s one of few that offer vented dryers, which you might prefer if you’re used to traditional American machines. These dry your clothes faster than nonvented ones do. However, should you need a nonvented dryer, Asko clothes dryers offers two types: a condensing dryer or an energy efficient heat pump dryer.

There’s no one size fits all option when it comes to finding the best washer and dryer for your home. To help you decide, we’ve researched both the pros and the cons of Asko washers and dryers to create a complete guide to the brand and its offerings.

Asko Washer and Dryer ReviewAsko Washer and Dryer Models

Asko currently produces three different models of washers, one of which comes in two color options. While the internal capacity and features of these models vary from one to the next, Asko laundry appliances share many of the same characteristics.

First, all Asko laundry appliances are 24 inches wide, though the depth may vary. This unique width allows them to fit in areas where other washing machines may not.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can stack an Asko washer and dryer, you’ll be happy to know that all models are stackable, though none have reversible hinges.


Shallow Depth at 22 1/2 in. Stackable. Pairs with vented or ventless dryer.

W4114CT (or CW)
Larger capacity at 27" depth. Stackable. Pairs with vented or ventless dryer. Stainless steel or white.

Convenient multiload automatic detergent dispenser. Stackable. Pairs with vented or ventless dryer.

6 Reasons to Love an Asko Washer and Dryer

Asko washer and dryer can make a great addition to many homes. A unique brand of laundry appliances, it offers many features and specifications that can help create a laundry room that’s efficient and enjoyable to use.

1. They’re ideal for small spaces.

A big part of Asko appliances’ appeal is the unique compact dimensions that allow them to fit into even the tiniest laundry rooms. They have unusual measurements that allow them to slide into spaces where you may not be able to find other appliances to go.

Asko’s 22½ inch depth on some of its laundry appliances is a particularly unique feature. Many other manufacturers produce washers and dryers that are deeper and can fit more clothes, but Asko laundry appliances can fit in shallow kitchen pantries or tight closets with little to no modifications. This allows you to take better advantage of the space in your home. They might also be the only workable option for you.

2. Their consistent dimensions make them the ideal replacement for older Askos.

This might sound obvious, but a new model Asko might be your best option if you currently have an older Asko model and want to upgrade your laundry appliances.

Due to their unique size, it can be difficult to find laundry appliances from different manufacturers that fit the same area as an Asko. However, all Asko models share the same dimensions, allowing you to easily update your laundry room without needing to add space for a larger appliance. This can help keep down the cost of replacing your laundry appliances by reducing the number of extra changes you would need to make.

3. They’re quiet.

Noise: It’s one of the top reasons people seek to update their washer and dryer set. Those who have older models know the struggle of needing to shout to be heard in their own home over a loud load of laundry all too well. After all, some older washers and dryers can be as loud as 80 decibels or dB (for reference, the average conversation is only 50 dB).

As a result, appliance shoppers may find themselves wondering, “Are Asko washing machines quiet?” The answer: Yes.

Asko is one of only two manufacturers that actually publishes its quietness ratings for their washing machines (the other one is Bosch). For many of its models, the sound is under 50 decibels, making Asko units a perfect, quiet alternative to outdated and loud appliances that force you to choose between the comfort of clean clothes and the peace of your home.

Quietness is one of the most significant aspects of a washer and dryer outside of performance, especially for those in small homes or with small children you don’t want to wake up.

While louder appliances may be acceptable in homes large enough to have the laundry room removed and isolated from the main living quarters, such as in a mudroom or garage, smaller homes require extra attention to the sound of a washer in order to maintain the relaxing and peaceful environment you’ve worked to create.

4. They finish loads in less time.

Gone are the days of damp sheets at bedtime due to a slow wash cycle.

Asko washers have a spin speed of 1400 rpm, the high end of standard spin speeds. This allows for items to come out of the washer less wet, which then leads to less dry time. As a result, laundry cycles take less time overall—and less energy as well.

This special feature can also help ensure the longevity of your dryer. Soaking wet clothes can place excessive strain on your drum and heating elements, reducing the lifespan of your dryer. By having the washer work to remove larger amounts of water during the wash cycle, you can help reduce the workload placed on your dryer.

5. You can get an Asko compact vented dryer.

Asko is the only credible manufacturer of a vented compact dryer. This is a unique offering since most compact dryers are ventless. Vented dryers tend to be faster and more effective overall than nonvented dryers.

For those in the United States, a compacted vented dryer is also a familiar choice. It’s what most Americans grew up with and are accustomed to.

6. Asko washers can auto-dispense detergent.

One of the most popular features of Asko washers is their detergent auto-dispense capability. This allows you to fill the liquid detergent compartment in advance so that you don’t need to add detergent every time you wash clothes, making the job easier and more convenient to do.

Other competitors (i.e., Miele) have created washers with a similar auto-dispense feature. However, those require specific detergents. The Asko dispenser is designed to work with any liquid detergent you like.

We think this is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets and a major selling point for Asko.

There are separate detergent chambers as well, allowing you to wash loads back to back even if they aren’t the same. There’s one chamber for colors and another for delicates, whites, and blacks, with each holding up to a liter and a half of liquid detergent.

This small but significant feature eliminates the need for you to lift a heavy jug of liquid detergent every time you wash. This allows you to buy bulk-size laundry size, which is both a convenience and a smart way to save money.

It also spares you the issue of using too much or too little detergent. Too little won’t get your clothes clean; too much can gunk up your clothes and your washer, not to mention leave a film that looks dingy and can stink, too. In fact, leftover detergent is one of the top reasons why front-load washer seals tend to mold. The Asko eliminates these concerns by dispensing the perfect amount each time.

3 Reasons You Might Not Love an Asko Washer and Dryer

An Asko washer and dryer can be a great option for many families, especially those looking to find a unique set of appliances to fit an untraditional space or to offer reduced noise. However, while it can be a great option for anyone, there are a few reasons that you may not love an Asko washer and dryer as you would a set of laundry appliances from a different manufacturer.

1. Asko makes only front load washers and dryers.

Like other European makers of compact laundry appliances, Asko doesn’t make a top load washer. It makes only energy-efficient front loaders. We know there’s a lot of debate around which is better, a front load or top load washer. A top load washer is generally less expensive than a front loader but rougher on clothes. For more on the factors driving the debate, take a look at our detailed video, above.

Watch our exclusive video review – front load vs top load washers2. They’re compact, so they don’t hold as much as traditional American brands.

Having a compact washer and dryer can be great if you have a smaller amount of space for your appliances or if you have a smaller family that needs less clothing washed during the week.

However, if you need to complete large loads of clothing or wash big loads of bedding often, you may find Asko’s petite size to be inconvenient. While many of its washers can hold around 17 pounds of laundry, you may need a larger drum in order to complete fewer cycles throughout the week.

3. They’re not fully featured.

Due to their petite and minimalist design, Asko laundry appliances aren’t fully featured. Instead, most models strive to deliver day-to-day convenience, though some will have additional features.

While this doesn’t impact the average efficiency of their washers and dryers, if you find that you want special capabilities, such as steam or allergy cycles, your choices may be limited for Asko models, and some features, such as Wi-Fi, are unavailable in all models.

4. They don’t have Wi-Fi.

While the Asko produces up-to-date models, they don’t include innovative technology features such as Wi-Fi compatibility. Smart technology allows for improved convenience by letting you control your laundry appliances remotely. While Asko’s lack of Wi-Fi compatibility doesn’t impact its ability to wash and dry your clothes, you may find that you need this technology to feel as if you’ve gotten the most out of your investment—a perfectly normal feeling.

If you think you fall into this category, you may want to skip Asko for now.

Who Makes Asko Appliances?

Asko was founded in 1950 in Sweden. In the 1990s, it was the most popular luxury European appliance brand, though now German competitors such as Bosch and Miele are more common in the market. (Think of Asko as the Saab of the appliance world.)

Asko has always been focused on cleaning performance. It was founded on the idea of providing the founder’s mother with a great washing machine, but the Swedish company branched out to create high-quality dryers and dishwashers.

In recent years, Asko became incorporated into the Chinese company Hisense, and though they are still headquartered in Sweden, production takes place throughout Eurasia.

With such big changes in the company throughout its history, you may find yourself wondering if things have changed and asking questions like “Are Asko dishwashers still made?” While it is true that Asko has opened many new doors, it still provides the luxury cleaning appliances it was founded on and continues to be known for, including high-quality laundry appliances and dishwashers.

How to Buy a Washer and Dryer

With so many options on the market, it can be easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for a laundry set.

Thankfully, when it comes to picking a washer and dryer for your home, different options can be easily compared with just a few key criteria. These are the categories we consider—let’s see how Asko stacks up.

Size: Width, Depth, Height

The size of your washer and dryer will determine where it can fit and how much it can hold. All Asko laundry appliances are 24 inches wide, though their depth and capacity can vary. As we mentioned earlier, some Asko machines have a unique 22½ inch depth that makes them ideal for shallow spaces.


Different spaces require different configurations, and thus you may find it important that your laundry appliances are versatile. This may include reversible hinges and stacking abilities.

Asko laundry appliances are among the best stackable washer and dryer brands, but you will not be able to alternate which side the hinges are on. Be sure to confirm which direction your door needs to open before you buy, taking into account the machine’s full depth and any adjacent doors it might bump into. (Pull-down attic stairs count too!)

Site Conditions

Outlets, vents, pedestals: Different laundry appliances require different site conditions for proper installation and function. Asko appliances are designed to fit into smaller spaces so that less change is needed in your home in order to update your laundry appliances. Asko dryers require a 240V outlet.

Cleaning Performance

When you’re looking for a new washer, your number-one concern is probably whether or not it’s going to you give the absolute best clean possible for your clothes. How well a washer cleans can depend on multiple factors, including drum size and makeup as well as additional features.

Even Asko’s base level washer gives you 15 wash programs, including Heavy, Wool/Hand Wash, Drum Cleaning, and two quick cycles. Upgrade and you get steam, which can be helpful for gently loosening stains.

Drying Performance

Have you ever washed your linens during the day only to come back that night and find they’re still wet in the dryer? Drying performance is key to having a happy relationship with your laundry appliances (and your family members).

Asko strives to address drying during the wash phase by using a stainless steel barrel that can reach spin speeds of 1400 rpm. This allows for more water to be extracted from your items before they even go into the dryer. Vented or unvented, Asko’s dryers ensure good drying performance for warm, dry blankets, linens, and clothes when you need them.

Noise and Vibration

There are few things worse than sitting in your home trying to unwind and watch television over a loud load of laundry. Or worse, working when an everyday spin cycle in the wash has your entire home shaking. Noise and vibration are two key components to consider when shopping for the right washer and dryer.

Asko’s wash cycles run around 53 decibels, which is around the same as an average conversation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity is a relatively new feature, especially in laundry appliances. This allows you to control your washer or dryer remotely, such as through smart home appliances like Alexa or Google Home.

None of the available Asko models offer Wi-Fi capabilities as of now.

Energy and Water Use

How your laundry appliances use energy and water determines whether they are energy efficient or not. Energy efficiency is significant in gauging the impact your appliances have on the environment and your budget. Appliances that waste energy will lead to higher utility costs over time.

Asko washers and dryers are designed to reduce the overall amount of energy needed to clean your clothes. Some models also include additional features to detect leaks, helping you to locate and repair problems as quickly as possible.

Dryer Features

There are two main types of dryers: vented and ventless. Vented dryers exhaust moisture through a vent during the drying process; nonvented dryers remove it through a tube into a reserve that either drains into your plumbing or needs to be emptied occasionally.

Both options have their own cost and function benefits. For example, many people are used to vented dryers and feel that they dry clothes more fully. Ventless dryers are more energy efficient and, because they don’t require exterior ventilation, can work in many different home scenarios.

Asko has makes both compact vented as well as ventless dryers.

Asko Washer and Dryer Deep Dive

1. Asko Washer with the most shallow depth: W2084W
Asko W2084W

This entry-level Asko model is designed for small homes while still accommodating even large families. It’s best for those seeking high-quality craftsmanship without a big upfront investment and with little need for additional features.

This washer in particular has the unique shallow depth of only 22½ inches, although the inner stainless steel drum, at 2.1 cu ft, can hold 17 pounds of laundry at once. Given that the average household washes up to 50 pounds a week, you’d be doing three loads.

The Asko W2084W also features 15 unique wash cycles with four temperature settings, allowing you to achieve the perfect wash no matter the requirements of your clothing or linens. Individual fabric softener and bleach dispensers also allow you to customize the products used in each load, so you can cater to preferences and allergen needs. This is particularly beneficial since this Asko model doesn’t include an allergy or sanitize cycle.

While the Asko W2084W model does lack these cycles, it still includes a quick wash cycle for smaller loads or last-minute washes. Along with no allergy or sanitize cycles, this laundry appliance has a minimalistic user interface and function—no steam, interior lights, or Wi-Fi.

Asko Dryer Pair: There are three marching dryer options available: vented T208VW, ventless T208CW, and ventless heat pump T208HW. This variety allows you to customize your laundry room to best fit your needs and preferences. Each dryer can be stacked with the washer.

2. Asko Washer, Large Capacity & Stainless Steel Color Option: W4114CT
Asko W4114CT

The Asko W4114C model comes in two different finishes denoted by the final letter of the product number: titanium (W4114CT) and white (W4114CW). This lets you pick the finish that goes best with your laundry room’s decor. For smaller homes that may include laundry in other common areas, such as the kitchen, this also helps you coordinate them with other appliances.

The 2.8 cu ft stainless steel drum gives you more capacity. It’s also designed to better support higher spin speeds while overall increasing longevity and drying abilities. Unlike porcelain and plastic, stainless steel isn’t porous, so it won’t absorb stains or odors over time. The Asko W4114C(T/W) model is designed to reach spin speeds of 1400 rpm, and its large size allows it to wash more clothes in one cycle than many comparable competitors.

This model is also designed to be quiet, though its larger size means it’s not as soundless as other models may be. It has a 53 dB wash cycle (around the same as an average conversation) and a 74 dB spin cycle.

It also has four temperature settings and 22 wash cycles, including an allergy cycle, sanitize cycle, quick wash cycle, and steam. Designed to offer minimalistic high quality with a lower initial investment, it doesn’t include an interior light or Wi-Fi capabilities.

White the stainless steel model pairs with a vented dryer, the white color version has both vented and ventless Asko dryer options.

3. Asko Washer with Multi Load Automatic Dispenser: W6124XW
Asko W6124XW

The top-of-the-line Asko W6124XW gives you the popular auto dispense feature, which can hold up to 1.5 liters of liquid detergent for multiple loads.

Like the other models in Asko’s lineup, it has a stainless steel drum capable of reaching spin speeds of up to 1400 rpm. However, its drum has a 2.8 cu ft capacity, which allows it to hold more clothes in a single load than many top competitors, all while maintaining the same petite size and small dimensions of a typical Asko laundry appliance.

It features four temperature settings and 24 different wash cycles, including allergy, sanitize, and quick wash.

While it doesn’t include steam, an interior light, or Wi-Fi, it does utilize unique Aqua Block technology that can help detect leaks. This ensures the longevity of your appliance and your home.

This Asko washer pairs with a vented or ventless dryers.

Does Asko Still Make Panel Ready Washers and Dryers?

Unfortunately, no. While Asko used to make laundry appliances that you could cover with cabinetry to match the rest of your laundry room and create a seamless finish, it stopped manufacturing panel-ready laundry appliances many years ago.

However, it’s not alone in this shift. Miele, the only other manufacturer to produce panel-ready laundry appliances, also stopped production around a decade ago.


Your washer and dryer are personal appliances. They’re responsible for everything from preserving memories such as baby blankets and handmade gifts to ensuring your day-to-day wardrobe stays in clean, good shape. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect fit for your home, your laundry appliances need to go beyond function and create a laundry room that makes doing daily chores easier.

Asko washer and dryer are best suited for those looking for minimalism. Their unique petite size and variety of available features provide an opportunity to invest in high-quality and credible appliances to fit smaller spaces. This makes them a great option for small homes and families, though they aren’t fully featured or capable of washing large loads at once.

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