SimCoaches P1 Pedal Set Review

As soon as you open the box you, you are greeted by gleaming CNC’d aluminum bits. Once I had them out and on the test bench it was easy to see attention to detail is the theme for these
pedals construction. Every edge I could find had chamfering on it. The pedal levers themselves look more like pieces of art than a pedal lever. The pedal faces are made from 3/8″ thick aluminum plate with a nice radius on them for smooth action under foot. The finish on the pedal faces is very smooth. Almost too smooth when it came to using the brake pedal with proper
racing shoes. But only when I was using the pedals in heel and toe mode. It would be nice if Simcoaches include some grip tape material for those who want to use it. I also like the way Simcoaches has integrated the Bodnar controller board inside the metal casing used in the throttle. This helps mitigate EMI interference if you have Direct drive wheel or a motor driven motion
system. All pedal manufacturers should be doing this. Unfortunately most of them don’t. The throttle pedal was at first a bit finicky to get it to the feel that I preferred. But once you realize that
changing one setting affects the others, you learn to predict how changing a setting will affect the rest of pedals throw and feel. The brake pedal which has a 1000psi pressure sensor, was easy to adjust, and I was able to get it to where I could threshold and trail brake with good consistency. The Clutch pedal, that has a 500psi pressure sensor, did have a good hydraulic feel to it along its available travel. But like most clutch pedals I have tested that feel fades away once you are using it in heel and toe fashion. It was easy to mount the pedals to their shiny baseplate. There is
plenty of lateral space available for those that like to left foot brake in comfort. Although I would like to see some way to adjust the heel plate height to accommodate those drivers with smaller
feet. I wear a us size 9 shoe and didn’t have any problems reaching the pedal faces. But would have like to have the pedal faces a tad lower where my foot lands on them. Now these are
hydraulic pedals, but I always like to point out that you should not expect them to feel like a real cars hydraulic system. There is just too many elements of a real system missing. Still, they do feel different from load cell based pedal sets. The important thing is to have a pressure based brake pedal for best braking consistency. Overall, these pedals do deliver the goods when it comes to everyday sim racing duties. And there are arguably the best looking pedal set I have ever reviewed here at the SRG. At the 1750.00 price point I wouldn’t expect anything less.


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