Sim Lab Vario Vesa Monitor Mount Kit Review

Final thoughts on the Vario Vesa Mount Kit from the guys at Sim Lab. As someone who has been running a triple monitor setup for a long time. I know it can be a fight to get all three of them perfectly lined up the way you want them to. So, I was very interested in getting my hands on this new adjustable monitor mount system from Sim Lab. There are a fair bit of parts that make up the mounts assembly. All of these parts had a good finish on them. The red anodized brackets give this mount a nice contrast when compared to the black flat plates that are used for mounting to the
monitor and the profile on the monitor stand. Assembling one of these brackets was not complicated. I was able to get them completed in no time at all. They have several available adjustments
on them. You can move the monitor laterally, vertically, and you can adjust the angle as it faces you. Using the vertical adjustment screws, you can also can’t the monitor to compensate for any sag the profile arm may have in it. The Vario brakets also make it very easy to attach your monitors to you stands profile sections. The monitor just drops in to the U shaped red bracket, and you adjust from there. I was able to get my monitors as close to perfectly aligned as possible when dealing with the less than perfectly straight plastic casements you find on most monitors available today. I do like the engineering that SimLab has put into the Vario mounts. It is complicated in the way it works, but easy to actually use. It’s such a good result, Sim Lab┬áhas a patent pending on this design
to protect all the hard work that went into its development. If you have a triple monitor setup and want to get those panels lined up as perfectly as you possible can. I would be taking a long hard look at this solution from Sim Lab.


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