Prosimu P5MP With P1-X Cockpit Mounted

Final thoughts on the Prosimu P5MP Cockpit Mounting system. When I did my original review of Prosimu’s P5MP platform with their T1000 cockpit mounted, I was thinking of way to get a P1-X cockpit mounted to it. I imagined that it would only enhance the driving experience you get with the P5MP system. When I asked Prosimu about me doing this, I was happy to find that they have their own custom mounting system available. So no custom bracket fabrication needed on my part. The welded all metal brackets have the same powder coated finish that
the rest of the P5MP platform has. Which makes them an aesthetically pleasing add on. They come with all the hardware bits you will need to get a P1-X cockpit properly mounted. Just for fun I also used some of P5MP’s mounting points to add some additional corner brackets. Now the P1-X cockpit is a noticeably heavier cockpit setup than Prosimu’s T1000. But it also brings a higher level of stiffness to the ride. When driving the P5MP with my P1-X attached I could not detect any degradation to its performance. Which was really not surprising considering that the PRS 200 actuators are rated to maintain their 280mm per second speed and 2G’s of acceleration up to 193KG per actuator. As you might imagine I did notice a different driving experience with the P1-X mounted. Which only enhanced the already great driving experience you get when running this motion system. When you purchase the P5MP
motion system from Prosimu it will ship with four of the 168mm brackets and two of the 350mm brackets. So no extra charge to get your cockpit mounted.


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