Appliance Sales: March Appliance Deals

Is your head spinning while trying to find the best appliance sales available? Did you know that you may be eligible for additional savings beyond what you see on the price tag?

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you focus on the best products available and take full advantage of the deals associated with them. From rebates to seasonal promotions and everything in between, we’ll guide you through the process of budgeting for your new appliances beyond the ticket price. This also includes considerations like delivery, installation, and haul away costs.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best appliance sales available – whether the deal is from us or from a big-box retailer. No matter which type of appliance you’re looking for, we’ve done the heavy lifting so that you can easily find a model that fits your needs and budget.

The Best Appliance Deals: March 2021

So what constitutes a great deal? We define a deal as a product with a low promotional price tag and extra rebates. Together, the total price for the appliance should be compelling, even when compared to budget models.

March isn’t typically the best month to find deals on appliances, especially coming after Presidents’ Day sales events. If you’re on a tight budget and aren’t in a rush to replace a broken product, it might make sense to wait until 4th of July in order to catch better deals on appliances. However, we were still able to find some great sales available for each of the major appliance categories.

Dishwasher Deals

Although most manufacturers are taking the month off for dishwasher promotions, there are still some great deals available from the Samsung dishwasher lineup.

Keep in mind – these dishwashers aren’t the models we’d typically include on our best dishwashers rankings. However, they’re a great deal because of the promotional price.

The Samsung DW80R7061US is priced at $699 until March 24th. This is a drop of $150.10 (18%) from its normal street price of $849.10. Some retailers show the price drop from the MSRP of $949 (a price that nobody pays) to make the price drop seem more dramatic.

The Samsung DW80R2031US isn’t usually a product that’s at the top of our minds due to its high noise level (55 dB) and mostly plastic tub. However, Samsung has put some major marketing behind this product and lowered its price to $449 until March 24th. Keep in mind – the best place to purchase this product is a big-box store, as they work closely with Samsung and keep a ton of models in their inventory.

The Samsung DW80R9950US is our last pick, as it’s the best model from the Samsung lineup. This dishwasher is ultra-quiet at 39 dB and is packed with lots of cleaning and convenience features. Samsung offers this model at $799 with a major promotional discount of $239.10 (22%) from its normal street price of $1029.10.

Washer and Dryer Deals, Front Load

This month, we found great deals on both Samsung and LG washers and dryers. These budget-friendly picks may not have made our best washing machines list, but they’re all worthy options for your home.

The Samsung WF45T6200AW is our first pick, priced at $703 (regularly $849). This gives you a savings of $146 (or 17%). This wifi-enabled steam washer can even clean your clothes in under 30 minutes on the speed wash cycle. With the promotion, this model is a better deal than the budget models Samsung offers.

If run into availability issues on other Samsung washer and dryer models, consider the WF45R6100AW, which still comes in at $703 until March 24th.

The LG WM3400CW is another great front-load washing machine that’s currently priced at $699 until March 24th. This is a drop of $96 (%12) from its normal street price of $795. You may see LG and some big-box retailers advertising this as a 22% savings. However, this is because they take the MSRP of $899 (the price that nobody pays) as their baseline. The only feature the WM3400 is missing is steam for sanitization in the washer and its matching dryer pair.

The LG WM4000HWA packs in steam, as well as an under-30-minutes wash cycle. This is a great washer at a $799 price point, which is a drop from the street price of $995. That’s about $196 in savings (or 20%).

Top Load Washer and Dryer Deals

If you’re looking for a top load washer, we’ve found great options from LG and GE. The Samsung WA50R5200AW top load is normally sold for $714. It’s now listed at $683, which is not a significant savings from Samsung in this category.

This LG washer, known as the WT7100CW model, is currently on sale for $699 until March 24th. The regular street price is $795, giving you $96 in savings (or 12%). This reliable top load washer is packed with great features like wifi connectivity, and pairs with a non-steam dryer.

We also found a great deal on the LG WT7300CW, which is listed for $749 until March 24th. This model is usually priced at $895, which means this deal saves you $146 (or 16%). This large capacity (5 cu. ft.) top loader features an ultra-fast, 30 minute express cycle. It pairs with a non-steam dryer.

We also included the GE GTW465ASNWW, which is a traditional agitator model with an everyday low price of $650.

Refrigerator Deals
Samsung RF28T5001SR

In terms of refrigerators, the deals available depend largely on the type of refrigerator you’re looking for. You’ll usually find the lowest prices on models with top freezers. However, you’ll find less deals overall for this type of fridge, as they’re usually available at an everyday low price.

With a side by side refrigerator, it will also be hard to come across major deals, although the prices do fluctuate a bit throughout the year. If you’re looking for a french door refrigerator, you’ll find way more deals available.

For example, we found the Samsung RF28T5001SR available for $1,399 until March 24th. During Black Friday, we’ve seen this model drop to $1,299, which makes the current price compelling (especially given that in January, the discounted price was $1,700).

P.S. – You also have two choices when it comes to the depth of your refrigerator: counter depth vs standard depth. This means that the exact same fridge comes in two different variations. Although counter-depth models are smaller, they are considerably more expensive than their standard-depth counterparts.

Most recently, manufacturers started making 4-door refrigerators. Below are the current deals.

Range and Stove Deals

Ranges come in two different variations: gas and electric. On average, the electric version of the same stove is always about $1000 cheaper than the gas version. Therefore, when manufacturers advertise, they always focus on the lower-priced electric ranges, rather than gas ranges. We’ve put together a mix of electric and gas range deals to help you find the best range for your home.

Samsung’s NX60T8511SS model is a great example of how you can stack multiple deals on top of each other to increase your total savings. This range is priced at $1,299 until March 24th. This is a $405 drop from its original price of $1,704. However, this model also has a $100 rebate that you can use with installation, bringing the total cost down to $1,199.

Samsung is also offering a small, $35 price drop on the NE59R4321SS model. Currently, you can purchase this range for $679 instead of the original $714.

Over the Range Microwave Deals

Over the range microwaves tend to cost more than other types of microwaves. However, they’re worth the investment because they combine the functionality of both a microwave and a range hood.

Why Do We Recommend Products From Other Retailers?

While our "best of" rankings serve as a great starting point, we often need to balance our recommendations against budget concerns and availability. Also, it’s always a good idea to compare prices from different retailers before making a final decision.

At this time, we only ship appliances to the New York and New Jersey metro area. So if you’re outside the tri-state area, we’ll refer you to a retailer we trust to help you get the appliances you need.

When we first started Designer Appliances in 2008, we used to ship nationwide. However, we quickly realized that appliances are best sold, delivered, and serviced locally. That’s why we’ve shifted our focus to providing a great showroom experience. This helps us to avoid shipping delays associated with a long-distance delivery and limit damages (an unavoidable side effect of shipping heavy items) in a tightly controlled supply chain.

Big box retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes are "the" market makers for appliances. Their sheer size and marketing power draws manufacturers closer to them, rather than local appliance stores. That’s why it’s super important to benchmark seasonal sales and price drops against the offerings at big box stores to give you a complete view of the promotional landscape.

Why Are Appliance Prices Similar Across Retailers?

Ever wonder why appliances are priced the same across different retailers? This is due to the manufacturers’ pricing strategy to keep a level playing field for retailers and customers. Manufacturers found that an "airline-like" shopping experience just doesn’t work for the appliance industry. Therefore, they created industry-wide pricing standards.

Let’s break down what some of the industry terms mean. MSRP stands for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This is the price the manufacturer suggests retailers sell a product at in order to create a pricing standard. However, no one actually pays this price. The "street price" of an appliance is usually the MAP price. MAP stands for “minimum advertised price” and refers to the lowest price retailers are allowed to sell an appliance.

Usually, when big box stores advertise giant sales (such as 30% off) they calculate the savings based off of the MSRP price. While this method is not incorrect, it’s not a good indication of a great deal. We consider a good deal to be a price drop from the MAP pricing.

Sidenote: To put MAP/MSRP into context, think about an Apple product. When you’re shopping for a new iPhone, the price will be the same whether you buy it at Best Buy or the Apple Store. This is because Apple can control how much the iPhone retails for in order to create a pricing standard across different retailers. The same is true for many appliance manufacturers.

How to Save If Prices are Similar: Rebates

You can think of rebates like coupons at the grocery store. Rebates make a big difference in the final price you pay for your appliances. If you’re on a budget, we recommend that you carefully plan your purchase around available rebates.

As we mentioned above, appliance prices don’t vary by much. However, you may be eligible for rebates depending on the product you choose and where you make your purchase.

Rebates are special savings offered by manufacturers. Unlike a sale, a rebate is given after you make your purchase. For example, if a product has a $200 rebate, you’ll receive a $200 check after you have received the merchandise.

Why do manufacturers offer rebates? Rebates allow manufacturers to push a targeted set of products while benefiting shoppers. Additionally, installation rebates are meant to give you extra wiggle room in your budget in case you have to make any modifications to your living space to accommodate the appliance.

There are a number of different types of rebates, including mail-in, instant, free item, energy, appliance recycling, national, and buying group rebates. Let’s break down what each of these rebates means and how you can qualify for them.

Mail-in Rebates

Mail-in rebates are the most popular type of rebate. These rebates were typically given after physically mailing in a receipt and claim form to the company. However, most mail-in rebates are now digital, allowing you to file your claim online. There are two different types of mail-in rebates – single item and package.

With a single-item rebate, you’ll receive a certain amount of money back after purchasing one appliance. With a package rebate, you’ll receive a refund after purchasing more than one appliance from a company. For example, many appliance manufacturers offer rebates on kitchen packages, where you can purchase multiple items for a lower price.

Instant Rebates

Instant rebates are more like an instant discount. For example, certain companies may give you a range hood for 50% off if it’s purchased along with a range. In other words, you pay less for the product by qualifying for the promotion. In this case, there is no waiting period to receive the discount.

Free Product Rebates

Have you ever seen an advertisement that offers a free cookware set with the purchase of a range? This is known as a free product rebate. After the rebate is submitted, you’ll receive a free product with your appliance purchase.

Energy Rebates

Everyone benefits when appliances are more energy-efficient. To help with this effort, states, manufacturers, and local energy companies team up to push for new energy-efficient appliances.

To incentivize new appliances, you’ll get a certain amount back after purchasing models that comply with government-issued environmental regulations. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your local power company’s website for "energy rebates."

Appliance Recycling Rebates

Depending on where you live, you may be eligible to receive money back for recycling old appliances. Local municipalities often have programs where they’ll send someone to pick up your old appliance. In return, you receive a check for recycling the appliance properly.

National Rebates

National rebates are offered directly by the appliance manufacturers to their customers. These rebates are offered at both independent and big-box retailers.

Buying Group Rebates

A buying group is a cooperative of small, independent appliance stores. These stores join together in order to leverage their buying power and compete with big-box retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy. Buying group rebates are typically only available at small retailers.

A bonus of this type of rebate? If there’s a national rebate from the manufacturer, as well as a regional buying group rebate, you can usually combine them both for extra savings.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Appliances?

Appliances are a big investment, so it makes sense to wait for the best deals. Of course, if your refrigerator unexpectedly breaks down, it’s not realistic to wait for a seasonal promotion to find a new one. But if you’re simply thinking about upgrading to a new model, it may be worth it to do some research.

But when can you expect the best appliance sales? You can usually find the best deals around holiday weekends. Here are the dates you can expect to find the best appliance sales in 2021:


Minor Sales MLK Day
Savings from January 9th to 27th

Minor Sales President’s Day
Savings from February 4th to 24th

Moderate Savings Memorial Day
Savings from May 15th to June 6th

Best Deals Independence Day
Savings from June 19th to July 11th

Best Deals Labor Day
Savings from August 21st to September 12th

Minor Sales Columbus Day
Savings from October 3rd to October 17th

Best Deals Black Friday
Savings from November 6th to December 5th

Moderate Savings* Christmas
Savings from December 11th to January 2nd

We recommend shopping at the beginning of each date range to avoid the appliances selling out before you have the chance to make your purchase.

Save More Via 0% Financing

Because appliances are big-ticket items, it may be worth it to look into financing. For example, you can pay for a new kitchen package over a 12 month period instead of paying for it all upfront. For the most part, you can usually find 0% APR for about 6 to 12 months. During seasonal promotions like Black Friday, some manufacturers may even offer 0% APR for up to 18 months.

Additional Price Considerations: Installation, Shipping, Warranties

In addition to the actual appliance, there are several other costs you should keep in mind when purchasing your appliances. These include things like installation, shipping, and warranties.


In terms of budgeting, one commonly overlooked area is installation. Installation is a separate, and important cost. You want to make sure you’re working with a qualified installer in order to ensure the best possible results. That’s why you should always question “free installation.”

In fact, we don’t offer discounts on installation because we only hire certified installers. This allows you to get the most out of your appliances and prevent problems in the future.


Like we mentioned with installation, you get what you pay for in terms of shipping. We recommend staying away from promises of free shipping, as there is no guarantee your appliances will be taken care of during transit. Appliances are an investment, and therefore, you want to be able to protect your investment through each stage of the process.


When comparing different appliance models, you should always take the warranties into account. If there are two models of comparable quality, we always recommend going for the one with a better warranty. However, some manufacturers also offer extended warranties for an additional cost. If you plan on purchasing any extended warranties, you should include room for them in your appliance budget.

Ways to Shop for Appliances

Ready to start shopping for new appliances? You actually have a few different options to consider, including shopping online, in-store, locally, or at a big-box retailer. Let’s start by breaking down the pros and cons of each option.

Online vs. In-Store

In a world where you can buy pretty much anything online, it may seem logical to shop for appliances online too. But is it better to buy appliances online or in-store?

The average appliance store sells over 20,000 different products. Because it would be impossible to display every single product in a showroom, many offer both online and brick and mortar options.

Here at Designer Appliances, we offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to shop either online or in-person at one of our New Jersey showrooms. We carefully select a wide range of the best appliances and display them in realistic settings. By stopping by one of our showrooms, you can get tons of ideas on how to design your home to best compliment your appliance choices.

Shopping Online: The great thing about shopping online is that there is an infinite number of options at your fingertips. You can find appliances in just about any price range, style, and brand imaginable. However, this can easily lead to information overload. And with no one to guide you along in the process, you can become overwhelmed with the number of choices available.

Some customers prefer to have an impersonal shopping experience. If you know exactly what appliances you want, this may be perfect for you! But if you’d like the help of a trained professional, shopping in-store is the way to go.

Shopping In-Store: Nothing beats shopping for appliances in person. Brick and mortar stores allow you to get hands-on with the appliances you’re considering in a way that’s not possible through a computer. You also get the benefit of a trained expert helping you along the way.

However, not all shopping experiences are created equal. In fact, you’ll get different experiences at both small appliance stores and big-box retailers.

When you step into a local appliance store like Designer Appliances, you can expect to be greeted by a member of the sales team that is invested in helping you find the right appliances for your unique needs and lifestyle. You can test out live appliances, feel the difference between different finishes, and get expert knowledge about the best brands on the market. Independent retailers often offer rebates to compete with the discounts bigger stores offer.

When you shop for appliances at a big box retailer, you’ll probably be shopping with dozens of other people at any given time. Although trained salespeople are there to help you along the way, you won’t get the same, personalized experience you would get at a smaller, independent store. You’ll sometimes see these retailers offering discounts when paying with a store card. However, these prices balance out with the prices at independent retailers, after rebates.

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