Simtrecs Pro Pedal GT Review

Final thoughts on the Pro Pedal GT from the guys at Simtrecs. From the moment you open the box, you know there has been a lot of thought by the designer as to what he wanted his pedal set to convey to the customer. Custom modeled foam inserts that neatly layout the components for the pedals and the pedals themselves. Once the pedals are out you are greeted by careful attention to detail everywhere you look. It is evident that each pedal was designed for its intended purpose alone. With the only common part among them being the angle adjustment brackets mounted to the sides of the pedals. There are common elements to the pedals as far function goes. Like the hydraulic dampers. But still selected on a per pedal basis that best met its needs. This is one of the few pedal sets you can buy today that have the electronics encased in metal to mitigate EMI/RFI interference. You know, there are just way too many details for me to list here in the final thoughts segment as to the intricacies of each pedal. And the reason this review is so long. There are plenty of adjustments available here to get the pedals to a desirable setting. Including a good selection of brake tuning bumpers. Of course there is Simtrecs in house Smart Drive tuning software that will allow you to adjust the pedals’ behavior to your individual needs. I mounted the pedals to the optional but very solid feeling baseplate. That is available in 2 different widths. Of course all this is moot if they don’t perform under some stress testing. I used some aggressive heel and toe shifting to put as much pressure as I could on the Pro Pedal GT’s. At first, I tested on a pedal tray that had some flex in it because I was testing the GT Omega Prime cockpit at the time. But to let these pedals show what they can really do. I installed a proper solid pedal tray from Sim Lab. It was then that I could see what they are truly capable of. They took hours of my heel and toe shifting without showing any signs of stress. As I was testing other Sim Racing hardware along with them. I was looking for something to really complain about or not like here. But I just couldn’t find anything. They just
do a great job and feel very good under foot. As I was able to tune each pedal to meet my personal preference. As for the question of long term durability, I really can’t comment. But based on the build quality this set brings to the table, I would not be too worried about it. If you are in the market for a great performing and looking high end set of Sim Racing pedals, the Simtrecs Pro Pedal GT along with its optional baseplate, would be a great option for your consideration.

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