GT Omega Prime Cockpit Review Part 2 “The Setup”

Final thoughts on the Prime Cockpit from the GT Omega Racing. This is the first cockpit from GT Omega that is constructed mostly from
aluminum profile. Once I had it built, it was time to mount some Sim Racing hardware to it and conduct the usual testing method I use at the SRG. The wheel deck holes mounted to my Podium DD1 with no issues. I was able to use all 5 M6 bolts. Which gave it a nice solid feel when using the DD1 at the full 20Nm of torque that it can reach. Also allowing the DD1 to deliver its peak level of FFB details. I would like to see GT Omega develop some other wheelbase mounts for the Prime cockpit. A side mount for the Podiums and a front mount plate for the
Mige, Kollmorgen, and Simucube motors. The shifter mount performed as expected. It is a familiar design that is used successfully on other
available aluminum profile cockpits. The heavy Pro-Sim H pattern shifter I used felt the same as when I have I mounted to my P1X cockpit.
So no complaints here. The seat mounting solution provided a nice flex free place to mount my Sparco side bracket equipped Prisma seat. I could feel no flex when using a very stiff brake pedal. There are two areas hear I would like to see better solutions implemented. The main
one is the pedal tray unit. It is made from 3mm steel plate with only one support under it. This causes the tray to flex under braking pressure. I was able to mitigate the flex a bit by mounting the plate directly between the two side 40×160 profiles. But it was still very
noticeable. While their at it, they should incorporate some kind of adjustable height solution. If they can get that done. They will have a cockpit that compares with some of the best available.

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