Fanatec Mclaren GT3 V2 Wheel Review

Final thoughts on the new, version 2, McLaren GT3 wheel from Fanatec. Out of the box the GT3 exactly like the previous version. Which in no surprise because it is an officially licensed wheel. I have always like the way
this wheel feels in hand with it’s molded rubber grips. It also feels stiffer that you would think a wheel from the elite line wheel would. But it does have a very wide plastic frame that helps give the GT3 that stiff feel The button layout is the same as the old one so nothing new to talk about here. With the good feeling 7 way funky switch the user does have enough inputs here for most to get what they need done. Most of the buttons are easy to reach from the grip position. The biggest changes on this new version to the GT3 wheel are on the back. With the older metal band cinching system being replaced by the new and much better tool free quick release system. Even though it looks like the same rocker styled shifter setup, it is now a magnetic unit that has better tactile feedback when actioned. The dual axis paddles have good spring tension and Fanatec has made it a very easy process to chose how you would like to employ them. From dual clutch to mappable axes they can meet most racers needs. I had no issues quickly setting up a proper bite point when testing. I also took a shot at using the paddles for a throttle and brake instead of my feet. Now Fanatec states on their website that this GT3 can be used on their direct drive podium wheelbases without any problems. But if you want to use it in this way you will need to swap out the Elite QR assembly for a club sport QR. Or you could just cut the small pole off the Elite QR, so it will not action the torque limiter element on the wheels circuit board. Once I was up a driving I liked the way this new version reacted to the 20nm of torque I was running. It didn’t feel like it was being pushed beyond its limit. There was some felt flex or softness when compared to podium level wheels. But again not anything that gave me concern that the wheel could not handle it. Overall I think the GT3 is a good wheel design that can cover a lot of different cars without it feeling out of sorts when you are using it. Of course, you would need a proper round top wheel for any dirt driving activities. At around 200.00 I think this is one of Fanatecs better values.

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