Prosimu T1000AL 4M-PRS Motion Platform Review

Final thoughts on the newT1000AL Cockpit from the guys at Prosimu. I did a review on the older all steel T1000 cockpit when I reviewed the Prosimu P5MP platform a few months ago. I found it to not be as strong and as easy to adjust as I would have liked. The new T1000AL addresses most of these concerns. With a base made from 45 series aluminum profile it is noticeably stiffer than the original T1000. The pedal tray, wheelbase mount, and shifter mount are all made from plate steel. Which complements the stiff aluminum frame. When driving the cockpit I did not notice any flex in the wheelbase mount sections. Nice and solid feeling. While the pedal tray also provides a very solid place to mount your pedals and has good angle and reach adjustments, I would have liked to see a way to adjust the height here. The shifter mount uses 4 corner brackets at its
mounting point. But there is no other support at the other end of the profile. While is does get the job done, I think it would be much better add a perpendicular piece of profile at the back to make it as strong as some
other cockpits I have tested. Of course being made from profile, you could always add this yourself. The seat side mount brackets have a good range of adjustment in them, I was able to easily mount my NRG Prisma seat.
I did remove the 45×90 profile pieces under them to lower the seat for a better ergonomic seating position. I tested the T1000AL as a motion solution using some updated parts and Prosimus PRS200 150mm travel actuators. You can order your T1000AL in this configuration. Posimu has improved the controller box by ditching the glass door on the old one for a solid metal door. This should help mitigate EMI interference. They also increased the motor power cable shielding to a 12mm thick unit over the older 7mm ones. Good to see Prosimu making some improvements to their product. The PRS200 actuators didn’t need any improvement as they already deliver great performance. Once I had everything mounted and cabled it was time to have some fun. I used the latest edition of Sim Racing Studios Tuning software. Which is a great alternative to Sim Tools. It did not take much time for me to dial in a good setup. Once I was driving at speed this system came together to deliver a very good motion experience. With a good feel for road surface and bumps. When driving circuit cars
I don’t feel the need for the full travel that the PRS200’s can deliver. But when it comes time for some dirt action, the extra travel capabilities come into their own. I always try to push hard on any systems I review at the
SRG. And the iRacing Lucas Dirt Trucks are a great way to do that. Just a huge amount of fun on this T1000AL 4M setup. Even though I don’t show it on my reviews, this amount of actuator travel is also great for flight
simulation. Overall the new T1000AL cockpit makes a great improvement to the feel of Prosimus motion systems. I think they made a wise move going with aluminum profile for their  cockpit solutions.

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