Simagic GT4 Carbon Review

Final thoughts on the new GT4 racing wheel from the guys at Simagic. Out of the box the GT4 has a quality feel to it. The grip design fills my hand in a way that feels comfortable to me. When you hold the GT4 it feels light
yet very stiff. Which makes sense when you see that it has an aluminum housing and a 5.5 mm thick carbon frame. Which is the thickest carbon frame I have ever had on a wheel here at the SRG. The GT4 has two 7 way
joysticks that give the driver 14 different inputs from only two locations. Good to see more wheels coming to market with this much utility. The push buttons on the wheel have a good tactile feel in them and have colored LEDs that allow to you to change the color of each individual one. And you have a total of seven different colors to choose from on each button. Or you can just turn the LEDs off. There are 2 rotary encoders that have what I consider very good detent feel in them. They also have a push button feature. Except for these encoders, all the controls were easy to reach with my thumb from the grip position. The shifters on the GT4 are made from
aluminum with adjustable carbon paddles. They are contactless units that use an infrared sensor. I found them to have a very good tactile feel. And were a pleasure to use. The clutches are made the same way as the shifters. With good spring tension. Setting up the bite point on the clutch was easy. Without any dramas getting a good launch with no wheel spin. I used the GT4 as a USB wheel and connected to the Simagic M10 wheelbase. For USB use it comes with a very nice coiled cable and remote mount solution. With excellent cable connectors installed on the wheel and cables. It performed well in both setups. Just one of those wheels that feels right when using it. If you are looking for a GT styled wheel that has a lot of available functions and a very sturdy build. I would have the GT4 on my list of ones to consider.

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