SRP GT Edition Pedals Review

Final thoughts on the SRP GT Edition Pedal set from the guys at Sim Racing Pro. The first impression I got when removing this set from the box was just how clean the layout looked. Even with all the cables connected. The pedals are mounted to a solid 10mm thick baseplate that provides a nice stiff feel when using the pedals. The front pedal faces have a durable finish to them that showed no signs of wear after a few hours of some very spirited heel and toe driving. The pedal faces have a good adjustment range on the lever faces. The pedals can be moved sideways. But only to a predrilled and tapped position. It would also be easy to remove the clutch pedal and position the brake pedal in its place. The overall build quality is very good. There is high quality heavy-duty hardware and fasteners throughout this assembly. Including thick steel pins and bronze bushings
in front pivot points. The GT Edition pedals use stainless steel sleeved pneumatic cylinders to provide resistance and damping effects. There are also plenty of adjustments available on this set to allow the user to dial in
their preferred pedal feel. Sim Racing Pro uses a circuit board of their own design which has a very neat layout. There is a nice LED light feature on this board that will be useful to find a problem should one arise. I used my usual heel and toe driving technique to give the pedals a good workout. If a pedal set has any short term weaknesses this will usually make them noticeable. But I found no  issues here as I hammered away on them. I was able to find a suitable setting on the brake pedal to allow me to go deep into the brake zones consistently. And trail brake the way I normally do. The throttle has enough throw to permit smooth modulation on tricky corner exit points. The clutch does have an interesting magnetic solution employed that give you a sense of pushing on the clutch pressure plate spring. Although, at speed the sensation was not noticeable. As usually happens when you are using the heel and toe technique. Overall I could not find anything in this SRP GT Edition set that would keep me from recommending them as a pedal set that deserves a look if  you are looking for one. A solid set of pedals with a very clean look to them.

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