SimCore UD1-J Sim Racing Dashboard Review

Final thoughts on theUD1-J Dashboard from the guys at SimCore. From the moment you take this dash out of the box, you know you have top flight piece of kit in you hands. The machining and finish are very good. You can tell that SimCore is a detail oriented company. The UGT dash fits the front of the machined enclosure perfectly. With every led hole centered on its led. Sometimes I can find a hole or two that are not perfectly aligned when looking at wheels or dashes that have them. Not on this one. I like the way the enclosure has a visor element machined into it. This can help keep stay light from interfering with the dashes readouts. Most enclosures you will see out there today are just flat at the top. The back panel is made from carbon fiber. Which fits nicely in the recessed lip around the edge of the enclosure. Once we had the enclosure open you could see the theme of quality kit is also present inside. About as neat and tidy as you can get. The USB connector is a quality unit that reminds me of some audio headphone connectors I have used. A nice spring tensioned collar that allows it to snap securely around the enclosure mounted connector. There are plenty of mounting options available when ordering the dash from Simcore. And I was able to demo several of them here. I did have to use spacers on two of the mounting solutions to clear the rear carbon plate bolts. Using the UD1-J was pretty straight forward. There a lot of features available with the Ultimate Game Tech display used in this unit. Although some may not work depending on which game you are using. I spent a few weeks using this dash on a Mige motor mount and a Kollmorgen motor mount. I found that you can use this dash to your advantage to develop or tweak your race strategies during the event. This is a very nice display that has clear and crisp fonts. Easy to take a quick glance and get the data you are looking for. At around 600.00 this is one of the most expensive I dash solutions I have ever tested. But also the nicest I have

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