Cube Controls QRX Quick Release Review

Final thoughts on the QRX Quick Release system from the guys a Cube Controls. Out of the box like most gear I have, received from Cube Controls, this kit has a professional look, feel, and finish to it. Just a pretty
piece of kit here. It has some nice styling queues in the flanges which conveys a stylish but functional intent. And of course these design queues match perfectly with hubs on all Cube Control wheels. This unit uses a cable pass through function moving the USB cable connection to the wheelbase or spigot side of the QRX’s assembly. That allows you to use Cube Control wheels as a wheel side wireless solution without relying on a
wireless signal. I had no problems with cable clearance when installed this way on my setup. The QRX uses a wheelbase side shimming system to create a very solid feeling connection to the wheel side assembly. Using different thicknesses of metal shims in a stack secured by a top aluminum plate. My QRX was properly setup out of the box. I did experiment with some other stack configurations but came back to the original one from Cube Controls. I did state my concerns about how the shim system was implemented on the wheelbase or spigot side of the assembly. This will require some very close tolerances in the manufacturing process to
ensure a flex free fit between different wheel side QRX assemblies. When I asked Cube Controls about why they decided to go this route, I was told that they have developed their manufacturing process to a standard that there will be no difference in size between different wheel side assemblies. And that they have tested no less than 50 wheel side units on the same wheelbase side unit with no perceivable difference in fitment between them. Of course, I could not put this to the test, as I only have one wheel side assembly. I can say that while using the QRX system I didn’t perceive any flex in the connection between the two sides. Driving the QRX is a non-eventful experience. Which I consider a good thing. It just gets on with the job of providing a solid flex free connection between wheel and FFB motor. Allowing all the FFB tactile queues to flow freely and accurately from the FFB motor to your hands.

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