Cube Controls GT-X Wheel Review

Final thoughts on the GT-X custom wheel kit from the guys at Cube Controls. This is their flagship custom Sim Racing wheel. My version came maxed out with the 6 paddle option. Right out of the box you can see that Cube Controls put a lot of effort into producing this wheel. I like the suede leather covered grips on their new rim. One of the most ergonomic to me, I have felt in a while. Of course that is subjective so others may not agree. Overall finish on the wheel met my expectations for something at this price point. With obvious attention to detail everywhere I looked. The buttons a lit by LEDs and have a nice crisp click to them when actioned. All the encoders had a consistent feel to them. With minimal shaft movement and solid feeling well spaced detents. The 7 way joystick also has nicely defined detents, but more closely spaced than the larger encoders. One odd thing I noticed was that the 7 way clicked when pushed in 2 directions instead of all four. This did not affect performance but needs to be noted here. I would like to see the button shield around the 7 way lowered as I found it to be a tight fit for my fingers when using it. Those with larger fingers will have some difficulty here. Around the back we find 6 paddles. The shifters felt very good, with nice tactile clicks when actioned. They have a trick looking bearing solution on their pivot points and are contactless HAL effect units. As are the 2 extra levers on top and the clutches. The dual clutch function was easy to set up, and I was able to dial in a good bite point with little effort. The 4.3″ Ultimate Game Tech display is a treat to use. A nice crispy clear panel with a generous amount of available features. The internals of the GT-X are just as well done as everything else on this wheel. With a custom circuit board designed specifically to integrate with the UGT display electronics. The back aluminum cover is a very solid piece of kit with proper reinforcement in all the right places. I also found the fitment
tolerances of the back cover to be very close with a nice tight friction fit with the front panel assembly. Of course the litmus test for any custom wheel is how if performs in game. Here the GT-X comes
together to present the driver with a serious tool for not only obtaining constant lap times, but also situation awareness of a races progress. Which can be a big help in getting a top finish. I found the new wheel rim to be comfortable for longer stints and stiff enough to allow my Direct Drive wheelbase to transmit a detailed stream of Force Feedback queues. Which allowed me to react in good time to save some me during some pretty dodgy situations. Being comfortable with the wheel you have in hand makes the job of turning consistent lap times a much easier task.

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