RealGear GTPro3 Xtreme Pedal Set Review

Final thoughts on the RealGear GTPro3 Xtreme pedal set. This pedal set is based on a 600 series Tilton racing pedal set. Which not only looks good in your cockpit, but gives you the feel of a real set of racing pedals under foot. There are enough physical adjustments on this set to allow most people to dial in comfortable feel when in use. Being a hydraulic pedal set, they use what I would consider a good pressure sensor in the SSI Technologies units. The throttle pedal uses a hall sensor setup to detect pedal position. The clutch pedal is set up to work in a pneumatic fashion with its own SSI pressure sensor. The pedals come with a set of stiff bushings for Autofab, installed on the slave cylinder. If you find them to be too stiff for you driving style Ricmotech also sells a brake tuning kit with softer bumpers. Once you have the bumpers you like installed you can still fine tune the brake pedals feel and throw with because of the way they have set up Tilton brake bias bar functionality. The cables coming from the hall sensor and the two pressure sensors are nicely done with aviation style screw on looking collars. The GTPro3 kit also comes with a long list of possible configuration options that can be implemented via their proprietary controller box which contains a custom circuit board with an ECU daughter board. When I was using the switched base interface on the box, I found it to be a bit clunky and inconsistent in its operation. But you can get the optional settings registered by exercising some patience and studying the instruction manual. This interface is the only section of this pedal kit that I was left wanting for a more user friendly and graceful solution. The price point of the GTPro3 sets a very high level of expectation as far as performance and usability is concerned. In my opinion they could have come up with a better way to allow the user to make use of the available tuning options here. Overall I did like using this pedal set. It makes you feel a little closer to driving an actual race car.

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