SRM Fantatec APM Carbon Paddle Upgrade Kit

Final thoughts on the Fanatec APM carbon paddle upgrade kit from Sim Racing machines. This kit give you the ability to get some good carbon paddles mounted to your APM units. My kit was the complete kit that has all the paddles for GT and F1 modes of the APM’s. They are a solid 3mm thick with not counter sunk holes. Of course most already know that the original APM paddles that Fanatec shipped were only 2mm thick and had counter sunk screw holes which removed even more material from the already, in my opinion too thin paddle design. I stated this in my review of the
Fanatec APM modules a few months back. Now the newest APM units shipping from Fanatec have 3mm thick paddles. But that doesn’t help people who have the older 2mm paddles. SRM now give us an upgrade path that will give your APM shifters a new found solid tactile feel that you can’t get from the original 2mm paddles. When driving with the new SRM paddles attached. The difference
is immediately noticed. Gone is the soft flexy feel of the original paddles. In its stead is now a much more solid feeling shifter. With also gives the driver better tactile feedback when shifting or actioning the other paddles available on the APM units. Now the analog paddles also feel different from the original aluminum paddles, but they felt very solid. So only the texture of those paddles have changed.
If you have the older version of the APM units from Fanatec, this new 3mm carbon paddle kit from Sim Racing Machines would be on the top of my list of ways to improve the overall feel of the original
Advanced Paddle Modules from Fanatec.

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