Scorpion Actuators From PT Actuator Review

Final thoughts on the new Scorpion actuator from the guys at PT Actuator. It’s always good to see a manufacturer making efforts to improve on their products. Especially when it’s easy to see that a
product could be improved upon. But I always considered the Monster actuator from PT Actuator to be a solid, well performing unit. So, what needed improving? Apparently a few things. We now have a larger TBI ball screw unit in the Scorpion. Moving from a 1605 unit found in the Monster, to a beefier 2005 unit. This should give the Scorpion a longer life cycle for this part of the actuators construct.
Along with a new anti-twist solution using a 6 tooth gear and 6 grooves machined into the piston housing unit. This will spread the twisting load on the piston across a larger area. Instead of the single machined grove in the piston shaft used before. Another change here is the new bronze support bushing being used inside the piston to support the end of the screw element in the ball screw unit. Where there was no support before, now we have support for the screws end along the entire stroke of the pistons travel. All these changes come together to create a more robust way to construct their actuators. And is the reason the new Scorpions have increase their weight capacity to 200 kg from the Monsters previous weight capacity of 150 kg. I was also able to convince the guys at PT Actuator to send me a sample actuator so that I could tear it down and do a direct comparison on the differences between the Monster and the Scorpion. This also allowed me to do a build video for those who would like to perform their own maintenance on the new Scorpions. Something I will be doing every two years or so. Overall I am pleased to see PT Actuator was able to improve upon their Monster design without effecting the already great performance I was getting from the Monsters. Now when I’m running the Scorpions I get a good feeling about just how long these units should last.

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