Simagic M10 GT1 DD FFB Wheel Kit Review

Final thoughts on the Simagic M10 wheelbase and GT1 Wheel DD FFB kit. This kit does make a good first impression when you take it out of the box. Everywhere you look the finish is nicely done. The M10 wheelbase has a peak torque rating of 10nm. While I personally prefer a bit more power out of Direct Drive wheel, I think for most, especially those moving up from a gear or belt driven
FFB wheelbase it will be plenty. Simagic has implemented some good features here. It has a wireless button plate solution that is the best one I have seen in the SRG to date. With two 2.4ghz transceivers located on the front of the wheelbase case and the other located on the button plate where it is directly facing the wheelbase transceiver. Insuring a strong wireless connection. This a very common sense solution compared to other DD wheelbase manufacturers mounting wireless solutions on the back of their wheelbases. Another notable feature is how the M10 uses an
inductive coupling solution to provide power to the wheels button plate. With this contactless design the user should get a long life cycle from this connection. The rest of the wheelbase has a professional well executed electronics layout. Which continues on to the GT1 wheel and button plate solution. I found this GT1 wheel to be a well build unit with a nice stiff feel to it. The included quick release system had no detectable play. My wheel has the smooth leather grip. I found this to be a bit slippery when I used my gloves. Less so when driving with bare hands, but still I would rather have had one with suede or alcantara. But that is subjective based on the individual racers needs. The button plate layout is good enough to suit most drivers I think. And is has some interesting on wheel tuning options available. The Race Manager tuning software is easy to use, and I was able to sort out a good setup that suited my preferences. I drove this system in a few different cars and scenarios while testing other hardware for reviews. I found it did an overall good job and was able to adapt to these different situations. It has plenty of speed and no noticeable latency. Which is a must to be able to keep your car under control when pushing the limits of grip. Overall, I think Simagic has come up with a professional level DD FFB solution here. Although a stepper motor is not my preferred solution when it comes to driving, This M10 solution is the best overall stepper solution I have tested to date.

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