SRM Fanatec Wheel Emulator Review

I have been waiting for someone to produce a hub that sim racers can attach to their Fanatec wheelbases and use any custom wheel we want to. Without the bulk and expense of Fanatecs own offerings. The thickness of the SRM hub is about half of Fanatecs Podium hub. This unit has a nice professional finish on the CNC machined aluminum bits. It has a 70mm or 50.8mm bolt pattern
so you won’t have any issues mounting your wheel, or quick release system of your choice. The circuit board that SRM has designed is compact, yet has some features that I did not expect to find. There are pins on the PCB that will allow you to connect buttons directly to the PCB. Good for those who want to make their own button plate. Or use SRM’s own button plate to build a custom wheel.
My unit came with a Fanatec 13 pin plug interface already mounted to the adapter. Which plugs into the PCB. But you can get just the hub assembly and use your own parts taken from a Fanatec wheel. I used the quick release from my F1 2020 wheel to complete the assembly. All mounting hardware is included with the kit you order. Once I had everything bolted together it was easy to get the
emulator up and running. I have to say that it was nice to use my Turn Racing R20 with my Podium wheelbase. I was never motivated to attach it to the Podium Hub as it added more reach than when using my usual driving solution. Overall I think Simon has done a great job with this emulator. It does exactly what you want it to without adding a bunch of things that you don’t need. And it comes in at
a reasonable price I think.

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