Motion House 4UN Motion System Review

Here we have a kit that is what I would consider to be a turn key setup. With the only caveat being that you will have to supply your own step up transfromer if you live in North America. All you have to do is mount the actuators to your cockpit, connect the cables to the controller box, load the tuning software, and you are up and running. It’s nice to see more of these type of motion
kits becoming available to the Sim Racing community. It is a well built system. With lot’s of attention to detail. The Actuators stroke is 150mm and they can cover that distance in one second. They have an individual capacity of almost 400 pounds or 180 kilograms. Which is plenty for most applications I think. The actuators feet have lash in them to prevent off angle binding. They
also have a spring in them to dampen the motion. The stock landings included are of the non-captive type. With thick rubber pads in them. This will give very good damping that will keep you from disturbing people who live beneath you. They also have an optional captive landing that is much more solid feeling. Of course these will transmit motion vibrations directly to the floor and not optimal for apartment of condo life. The mounting brackets are nicely made and provide plenty of clamping area when you are mounting them. The controller box has a nice finish to it
and a well sorted plug interface arrangment. Inside we find a well laid out system that uses four servo drives. The supporting circuitry look to be of a professional design. With nice featurs like
the use of ferite cores in the power circuits to medigate EMI/RFI interferance. The tuning software is intuitive and very easy to use. I was able to find a setup that complemented my driving stye without much drama. The motion is quick and I could not detect any latency when driving circuit cars. When I was putting this motion system through my favorite torture test using the iRacing
Lucas oil dirt trucks, it responded well. I was able to get the full 150mm of travel out of the actuators. Once I had a proper tune sorted it responded quite well to this hard treatment. With just a
hint of latency detected when landing the large jumps. Certainly a lot of fun to drive these trucks with this much travel on hand. Overall I think that the guys at Motion House have done a great job developing this 4UN kit. At 5800 dollars plus shipping,  you will get a turn key 4 actuator motion system with 150mm or around 6 inches or of travel that I think anyone would be happy to own.

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