Fanatec Clubsport Magnetic Paddle Module Review

I first got my hands on these during my review of the F1 2020 limited edition wheel. I thought they were the best shifters I had ever felt from Fanatec. And was hoping that they would be released as a stand alone accessory. The shifters have the usual top shelf finish I have come to expect with Fanatec’s clubsport level products. Solid feeling aluminum housings and shift levers. The levers do come with a rubber sound damper installed to keep you from disturbing others during your driving sessions.They also have a damping effect on the shifters feel when in use. I personally prefer a more crispy feeling shifter. So, I did remove the rubber pieces in pursuit of this feel. It’s not a simple task and I would advise against it unless you have the proper tools to remove the small retaining clips to get the shift lever out of the housing.This way you can reinstall the rubber piece if you decide you don’t like the snappier feel. Of course you could just clip off one end of the rubber damper and slide it out. But, I’m pretty sure that would void your warranty. Installation of the shifters on my podium hub was easy with no dramas to speak of.
Driving with these new magnetic shifters was a pleasure. Especially when compared to the spring shifters that Fanatec wheels come with. A very noticeable jump in the tactile feedback when making shifts. I didn’t have any dramas using the shifters. Never missing a shift. Really nothing I can find to complain about here. I like these shifters. And wonder what took fanatec so long to get around to making them. At a price of 100.00 dollars plus shipping, I think you do get your monies worth here.

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