Motion House Wind Generator Review

Out of the box this kit looks and feels like a top shelf unit. Well thought out and executed. The attention to detail is quite evident everywhere you look. The ducted fans have a proper looking motor and fan inside the injection molded housings. The controller box has a professional looking finish on both the external and internal parts. Sporting a well sorted connection and power button layout. Once I had the controller box open, here again you see that these guys know what
they are doing. A single proprietary circuit board, and wiring that makes everything look neat and tidy. The mounting bracket system is made for a flat deck wheelbase mount solution. With slots to allow the user to dial in a proper angle to suit their needs. I didn’t have too much trouble adapting the side brackets so I
could mount them to my P1X profiles. I would like to see a different mounting solution from MotionHouse to accommodate this type of deployment. Once I had everything mounted and all cables attached, it was easy to test the system with Motion House’s MHServicer tuning application. Which showed a wind speed of over 27 miles per hour, or around 43.5 kilometers per hour. I also had no issues with quickly getting the settings I liked for the car I was driving. This is a very powerful wind system. It will give you the sensation of increasing speed when driving a car. It has the capability to provide air flow right as the car starts moving. With a smooth increase in power without any gaps, depending on how you set it up. Now, with all this power you will get loud wind noise at the upper limits
of this system. I believe this does a good job of simulating an actual race car at speed as far as the wind noise is concerned. Of course you do not have to run the system at full power and the noise levels will diminish accordingly. My preference was to run the fans at full power down the straits. With it falling off
through the slower parts of the track. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of an almost 28 mile per hour airstream hitting you on both sides. And I want to
mention here that cooling benefit you get with this system is also very good. At 230 usd for the kit plus shipping, I do think you get what you pay for here.

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