SG Racing Sequential Shifter Review

The first time you lay hands on this shifter you can tell it was built to last. It is
constructed from solid aluminum plates. The side plates are 8 millimeters thick. With the spreader plates on each end coming in at 10 millimeters thick. The shifting lever is a confidence inspiring 15 millimeters thick and 25 milometers wide. Topped of with a solid aluminum knob that has nicely done high grip knurling cut into it. SG Racing includes an aluminum mounting bracket that is over
6 millimeters thick.This all comes together to give the driver a very solid feeling shift. Once I had one of the side plates removed you can see that guys at SG racing wanted the internals to last a long time too. The large shifting level rotates on a nice looking bronze bushing. The stiff steel springs that provide shifting tension, are riding on an 8 millimeter diameter steel rod. The stops are made
from smooth shanked carriage bolts. Which bump into some socket head cap bolts that are screwed into the shifting lever. This provides a very stiff stop and good tactile feedback when making shifts. All this is bolted to the 10 milimeter thick end plates. I like they way this lets the driver smack the shifter back and forth with minimal concerns of causing any damage when  driving hard. And when you can drive a Sim Racing shifter hard, it is a great addition to the overall immersion. For the electronics this shifter uses switches that have rollers on their levers. Another feature that should add to overall
functional durability. The USB conversion duties are preformed by a Pro Micro ATMega32U4 development circuit board. A very commonly used and proven board for this type of application. Of course when you have all these parts bolted together, mounted securely and stiffly to your rig, you will get a great feeling sequential shifter. I found the spring tension be appropriate for this application. It gave me a sense of actually making a shift with used. After banging on this shifter for a few hours. I could not detect any loss in feel or performance. When using the SG sequential shifter I could not find any
bad habits. It just got the job done with no dramas. This shifter sells for 170 euros or around 200 dollars plus shipping at the time of this review. Once I was able to spend some quality time with, I personally think that you do get what you pay for here, and maybe just a bit more.

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