Sim Lab SF1 Seat Review

This is a seat that is aimed at a person who wants to achieve a proper F1 seating position in their cockpit. At the same time it is able to be configured for a more traditional GT driving position. This seat is a bucket styled
unit. I found the shell to be of very good build quality and just as stiff as my Sparco seat. At 43 centimetres wide it is a large seat. It should be able to accommodate a good range of body types. If you are looking for a seat that fits you tightly, then the SF1 is not your seat. Unless your body is large enough to fill it completely. The sides of the seat are not high enough, or steep enough to provide that type of fit.  The materials used on the seat are very good with breathing holes that allow for good air flow. This will keep you cooler on longer stints. All the  stitching and embroidery are very well done. With no defects that I could find. When I was using the seat, I could not find much to complain about other than I personally like a tight fitting seat and this one is way to wide to achieve this with my body type. There are details in this seat that you don’t find in cheaper seats. Like the diamond stitched cloth liner that is hiding under the main padding panel. It’s details like this that tend to justify the price tag of this seat. And the seat brackets that I received with this seat are not included. They are available for purchase from Sim Lab. Or you can just use your own brackets. As the SF1 bolt pattern is the industry standard size of 290mm ctr to ctr. At around 560 dollars plus shipping, this is not an inexpensive seat.
But, If you are looking for the feature set that the SF1 brings to the table, It just might be what you are looking for.

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