Motion House Motion Gear 2UN System Review

As soon as you take this seat mover and controller out of the box you know that this product has been built high standards. And it just kept getting better the deeper I dug into it’s construction. The finish on these units is very good. Black in color with a nice a pebble grain to it. Every part that needed to be coated was. There were no unfinished areas even when you look into the internals of this system. I use this as one of my criteria to determine over all build quality. There were a lot of things to like about how Motion House builds this system. Everywhere I looked I could see that not only do these guys know what they are doing. They go to extra lengths to make sure they built it as good as they could. Top shelf parts are found at every turn. They use proper server motors to drive the output arms of the very stout looking gear boxes. Solid steel bars are used inside to support the power that this system puts out where it is needed. As well as extra steel brackets to shore up the output side of the gear boxes where they mount to the motion chassis. They even use there own custom machined universal joint instead of just an of the shelf unit I have seen in every other seat mover unit tested at the SRG. This theme continues on to the controller box. Here we find proper servo drives to run the servo motors. And a lot of supporting circuitry to mitigate EMI/RFI interference. Overall a very tidy and professional look. This system was easy to deploy in my P1X cockpit. I did have to drill two holes in the seat mount to accommodate the seat I wanted to use. But  this is not unusual, as manufacturers only drill holes or slots for use with their in house seating solutions. The MHServicer software that is used to tune the motion is very easy and intuitive  to use. It did not take me much time at all to get a setting that I liked. I was also able to tweek those settings depending on the cars setup and track I was driving without any dramas. When driving this system I kept thinking how smooth it was compared to other seat mover systems I have had in the past. It also has plenty of power. I never felt like I was wanting for more. The noise level of this system is very low. I heard the fans in the servo drivers. But not much at all from the motors. Motion House has done a very good job with this 2UN motion system. It easy to see that they were out to build the best seat mover platform they could. Just a very professional turn key product. At 3268.00 usd this is also the most expensive seat mover system I have tested to date. And if you live in North America, you will need to use a step up transformer to feed this system it’s required 220 volts. Some thing to consider when looking to buy the MotionGear 2UN.

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