PESC & PESPC R4.2 Review

CoRe Drivers Both P12 in PESC & PESPC Silverstone Weekend

– due to the cancellation of round four at Le Mans few weeks ago the series of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Super Cup as well as the Sprint Challenge headed to Silverstone. CoRe SimRacing was represented by PESC drivers Carl Jansson and Sindre Setsaas as the PESPC line-up consisted of Thomas Gibson, Samuel Libeert and Matti Sipilä this time by.

It was a tough race for Gibson, Libeert and Sipilä after qualifying in the mid-fields of a competitive Porsche Cayman GT4 grid. Trouble out of the Copse corner in lap one made Gibson and Libeert suffer damage to their cars early on. A retirement and a rough race result outside the Top-20 for both of them let all the hopes go to Sipilä who was trying to defend and keep to a Top-10 position before the race finish. Nevertheless with fierce battles and defensive moves all along a maximum of a 12th position was all Sipilä could save up at the end. With moderate points in the bag though the guys will head on to the next round while Gibson still remains on P2 in the overall standings while Libeert looks close to the Top 10 in the lists. The next round will be at Road Atlanta.

On the PESC side of things, Setsaas and Jansson did look quite competitive due to lack of practice and preparation for this round. Qualifying out of the Top-20 section both drivers were able to finish the sprint race without any major troubles in P18 and P19. The main race seemed to be a bit more hectic after Jansson got caught up in a slight rear end push in the first corners of lap one. Little bit of damage taken out of that Jansson was only able to defend with his struck pace while Setsaas continued to climb into a Top-10 position. The swedish CoRe driver only secured a P20 in the end while Setsaas finished his race in a promising P12 being happy with the outcome. The broadcast of this Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup and Sprint Challenge round can be found here.

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