iRacing 2020 24h Spa Review

CoRe Finishes Two Entries in Top 25 In Spa 24h Topsplit

The 2020 24 Hours Of Spa was once again a crowded and competitive world tour event on the iRacing service with several teams and drivers registering for this endurance race in a total of 24 splits. CoRe SimRacing joined this event with two teams using the Ferrari 488 GT3 filled with Janne Kiuru, JJ Nylander, Matti Sipilä and Carl Jansson in the orange accented car alongside Pascal Stix, Sven Neumann, Antti Terho and Santeri Kallunki in the black CoRe machine.

The CoRe SimRacing Orange team has seen themselves starting the event from a very promising 4th position off the grid after Matti was able to set a fantastic hotlap in the short qualification run. The black team had to start the race in 24th in a 54 sized car field. Both squads were quite elaborated in both GT3 cars thanks to solid practice the week before – nevertheless the pace in both cars struggled abit. It made the CoRe cars fall down several positions throughout the first half of the race. Due to a possibility of triple stinting the tyres the team decided to stick to their general plan. After the night the orange team was able to advance inside the Top-15 while the black team finished the race in P24. After a few teams inside the Top-10 crashed within the last hours of the race, the CoRe orange squad were able to finish their race in P12. “Our triple tactic was a mistake when doubling these new tyres is so easy – I thought it would have been possible. Still lot to learn from these tyres and that new track rubbering system also is a mystery. Overall the track felt really different and pace over the field was much slower for those conditions than I would have guessed.” – JJ Nylander.

The complete broadcast of this event can be found here : [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]

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