Welcome to Season 13

While we have prepared a new GT3 Endurance Series with 8 races at 3 hour length – we will still bring you our main series. The Virtual Endurance Championship.

So what have changed, not much – we got a good formula right now. But let’s take a closer look
– We have added the Ferrari F488 (small bop is expected on this)
– We have combined all division championships, meaning you can move your way up or down in the overall standings and divisions. Every other race we promote and demote the best and the worst team/teams in each class. This means new point system including participation points.
– More racing, first off S13 will have 9 races. Plus we have upped the length of the races (plenty of 6 and 8 hour races).
– Konnichiwa to Suzuka and Hello to a yet TBA track.
– VEC races goes cloud based, we’ve always gone for overkill servers – we’ve always wanted to give the best experience to users. That combined has let us to go all in on cloud hosted servers at Amazon.
Between races we will still offer dedicated practice servers will be up – but on race day we fire those beasts up and you will get informed.

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