DOFReality H6 6DOF Motion System Review

When you first see the price that DOFReality is charging for a 6DOF motion platform. You wonder how they can sell at such a low price point. But when you actually built it and have it deployed, you can see how they do it. The electric motors have no encoders or resolvers. Instead they use a potentiometer as a position sensor. Then they bolt the motor to a gearbox. Which uses a worm gear configuration to turn the output shaft attached to a lever. Using a setup like this allows them to keep the cost down. If you used actuators in stead of this setup, it would be considerably more expensive. This system uses motor arms to connect the motors output to the main cradle assembly in a Stewart styled design. The rod ends used on the arms are not top shelf units but they do get the job done. This is the theme for the H6 chassis. Nothing stands out as being of a commercial quality. But in this case it does make the H6 system available to a lot more Sim Racers. I do like that the H6 is now using gas charged struts. This does two things at once. It helps dampen the otherwise jerky motion that you would get without them.  And it also gives the motors some help when it comes time for them to lift the cradle in response to the controllers commands. The cockpit section of the H6 is on the flimsy side when you look at the way the wheel base solution is designed. Even with the extra wheel support attached, there is noticeable flex in that part of the assembly. I would like to see larger tubes and heavier gauge metal used here. When driving the H6 you do get a full 6DOF motion experience. It is not the smoothest or most refined motion. But I am glad to see that with the very good Sim Racing Studio tuning software I was able to dial in the motion that I wanted. SRS has a winner on their hands with this software package. I would like to see
other Sim Racing motion companies using it in stead of the current version of Simtools. The H6 is also a bit noisy. Especially if you prefer your motion to be on the more detailed side. This is due to the 18 rod end connections the H6 uses in it’s design. You can turn the motion  spikes down to help keep this sound on the lower side but it will always be there. If you buy an H6 motion system, you will get to experience a true 6DOF motion in your racing, or flying games. The system overall is on the ruff side in finish and quality control. At the end of the day the H6 at 3800.00 plus shipping, doesn’t do anything that makes it stand out. But it does do what DOFReality says it will do.

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