New Clixbeetle-GT Thrustmaster TH8A MOD

I did a review on the original Clixbeetle Pro a while ago. It was an overall favorable review as the pro did what it was to do. Now we have the GT version. It’s easy to see the improvements that have made over the Pro. We now have stainless
steel plates embedded in this PLA+ 3D printed unit. This offers an assembly that the ball bearing seats against while at the same time should be a more durable solution. The new GT is also brings a tension adjustment feature to the table that the Pro does not have. You do have to be careful when adjusting the tension as each of the four set screws must be turned the exact same amount. Not that difficult if you take you time and only turn the screws and eight of a turn each time.
When driving the Clixbeetle GT it reminded me of the Pro I had tested before. It brings a very noticeable improvement to the tactile feedback available from the stock TH8A. And this translates to faster muscle memory training and less
missed shifts. The GT does have a very similar feel to the Pro once you are up to speed and using the shifter in anger. Adding a tactile feedback element that to me exceeds what the stock TH8A has to offer. If I were to pick between the the Pro and the GT I would go with the GT. I think the extra features it brings to the table are worth the price difference over the Pro.

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