Summit Pointers

Silly Cadillacs

The track isn’t wide enough for three of you!

The Rumblestrippers went down to West Virginia to have a chance to marry a close relative this week, but since so many of them were there at the same time everyone decided to have a race instead.

Let’s talk about Race 2 of Season 20. The Super Duper Summit Point Scramble

It was a pretty solid race on a pretty narrow strip of asphalt. Surprisingly there weren’t many major incidents and most drivers made it through the race with only a few scrapes and bruises. Where to start, the Caddy train or the run away Raddy?

Let’s start with the Cadillac Express first. Eight cars started the race with Tyson jumping from 4th to the lead from polesitter :wink Kevin Binkley and held it tight for nearly the entire race with Eric Boulton scraping the paint off his rear bumper. Sadly it was not too be though, as Tyson had to drop into the pit just moments before the end of the race which dropped him back to 5th when the dust had settled.

Finishing off the race we saw Kevin Binkley take the top step on the podium, Eric Boulton in 2nd, and Shawn Noble sneakily and steadily working his way onto the podium in 3rd. It was quite a battle out there in those GM tanks.

On the other hand, there was no rubber band holding the Radicals together with Jake Feinerman ripping the lead away from Vance Bao on lap one and never looking back. Each lap Jake pulled further and further away from the field and averaged over half a second quicker lap times through the entire race putting him almost half a lap ahead of the rest of the field at the end. Vance was strong in the second spot as well and pulled a twenty second gap to Horatio Brown and John Dykstra throughout the race. Sadly for John Dykstra, Horatio was able to pass at just the right moment on the white flag lap and took the 3rd place step on the podium.

Thanks again to Darren Kuehn for supplying the beautiful images.

Next week we are off to Japan for Tskuba Steve Circuit, but unlike the test race where we learned an important lesson, we will be racing at Sunrise rather than in darkness blacker than my soul. See you all there!

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