TrueBrake Logitech Brake Pedal Mod Review

Final thoughts on the TrueBrake Logitech brake pedal mod kit from the guys at AXCSIM. This kit takes a different approach than others I have tested. Using a sensitive linear potentiometer to deliver the same result you would see from other pressure based systems currently used in sim racing brake pedals. The materials and production methods
used here are all top flight bits. Starting with the CNC machined 6061 aluminum body you can tell that AXCSIM wanted their product to stand the test of time. The Bourns linear potentiometer used here has a very liquid smooth movement to it. Which conveys a quality feel. The stiff inner spring gives this unit the a stiff, short pedal stroke under use. Which allows the user to navigate braking requirements by the amount of pressure applied rather than how far you have pressed the pedal. The four machined aluminum pucks sporting the polyurethane bumpers allow to adjust the pedals preload, or take up distance by selecting between their different heights and inserting using them in the
spring stack that provides this function. Even the top cap that captures the three fins in the top of the brake pedals top
piece has been machined from the same aluminum stock. Much better solution than a rubber hose with slots cut into
it. Installation is very easy compared to other load cell solutions available. So you should be up in running in short
order. When Driving the TrueBrake, I was able to initiate braking by sensing the amount of pressure it took to get the
desired result just as advertised and like other pressure based braking solutions. Which in turn makes braking very consistent. And this is exactly what you want from a brake pedal. At 62.00 plus shipping, this is one of those products that seems to justify the amount of money spent as soon as you take it out of the box.

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