iRacing 2020 24h LeMans Review

CoRe With Difficulties At 2020 Le Mans Event

It is one of the most prestigious simracing events of the year : the 24 hours of Le Mans – and it proved to be once again a very challenging and tough race, especially this time by for the CoRe SimRacing team. The squad including Janne Kiuru, JJ Nylander, Pascal Stix, Maik Paluch and Kenny Roosen had to face trouble early in the race – it already started after the event was split in two consecutive running events. Due to the server and registrations issues as well as the general overload of motivated competitors, the strong CoRe LMP2 squad had to bail out.

The registration overload on the website and the server timeout as a result of it were fatal for the CoRe squad – Janne joined the race server pretty late and in all the hectic circumstance it did impact the qualifying run. Due to the missing potential qualifying performance the team had to start from pretty far back in the GTE field. As an advantage at the start to keep it clean though, the first incident came along with the traffic who drove by for the very first time. Janne was caught up in LMP2 traffic early on and was forced into an unlucky contact. Optional repairs as a result of it and car performance problems made a charge back to the front pretty impossible. Additionally, with several incidents in the night stints the team saw themselves outside the Top-10 pretty much – it was a hopeless fight against the competitors around P10. Despite the CoRe Ferrari looked pretty good in shape from what it actually experienced, the team only finished the event in P12 in class. For the team it is time now to work on the issues experienced in this race and improve them in the next endurance event, the 24 hours of Spa in July. The complete broadcast of this 24 hours event can be found here : [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

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