Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD Review

Final thoughts on Next Revel Racing’s Wheel Stand DD. When most people think of wheel stands the last thing that comes to mind is mounting a high torque DD wheel to it.
But this is exactly what they want you to do. This unit is made from 3mm thick steel tubing and plates. As far as construction is concerned, it has good welds where we can see them and nice finish on all the parts. It is easy to assemble and should not take you long to get it up and running. This is a solid frame once it is put together. It uses large round rubber coated feet for the back and you have a choice of using casters or the same round feet on the front. While the casters will give you mobility if you need it. The round feet are much more effective a removing unwanted movement in the chassis. There are some areas of concern on this construction that I pointed out in the Testing Configuration segment. The shifter mount where it connects to the wheeldecks support tubes is only 3mm thick which caused the mount to shake under use. The same support tubes have more space around them when inserted into the bottom assemblies female tubes than I would like to see. This puts all the forward pressure I put on the male tubes to be supported by the two M8 bolts that are used to fix these tubes. Lastly the flanges that have slots in them to capture the two support bolts in 
the from of the pedal base are not long enough to be used throughout the bases range of adjustments. Not sure how this was missed but something that should be fixed. Now on to the better news. When driving this wheel stand I found that it was able to handle the weight and torque a DD1 Podium wheel can dish out. There was some flex in the wheel deck, but not enough to make the driving experience any less than what I expected here. I was still able to lap the circuit at my usual pace. Now you do have to remember I did tie down the chair I was using to the bottom sections of the main assembly. Which did provide some extra stability to the wheelbase that would not have been there otherwise. So I would recommend some kind of setup like this. And that goes for any wheel stand really. Another thought here is that this wheelbase cost 300.00 plus shipping. So NLR is getting into a price range for a wheelbase that is not very far away from a full blown profile chassis like the GT1 EVO from Sim Lab.
Something that needs to be considered by a prospective buyer.

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