VRS DirectForce Pro DD Wheel System Review

Final thoughts on the DirectForce Pro FFB wheel system from the guys at Virtual Racing School. VRS has been developing this system for well over a year. They were not in rush to bring it to market and I think it shows in the final consumer product. Out of the box it has the look of a professional bit of kit. And it deosn’t stop there. The circuitry in the controller box is well done with an obvious attention to detail. And sporting a 400 watt Meanwell power supply. Which
also indicates the care that was used in selecting which electronic components to use. The custom spec’d Mige motor that VRS has made for them sports extra safety features not found in the stock Mige motors. Which is always a welcome addition when it comes to using these powerful motors. Speaking of which. I think VRS made a wise decision to go with the 20nm Mige motors. It is a tried and proven unit that has seen 10’s of thousands of hours in the hands of Sim Racers over the last few years. Nice to have a well known dependable motor in your DD Wheelbase system. The DirectForce Pro also comes with some nice custom made controller cables. Using the stock aviation style Mige
connectors, they are made by a third party vender that uses a properly insulated cable. And goes the extra step of installing Ferrite chokes in both the power a data cables. EMI is a real concern and it’s nice to see manufacturers
taking steps to mitigate this potential problem. Another plus for this system is the easy to use “Wheel Tool” app that comes with this unit. Easy to use with a nice balance of tuning options that made it easy to find a setting that suited my
driving style without spending a lot of time testing a long list of filters and other options. When driving this system I was able to feel road texture, rumble strips very well. And it was easy to tell what the car was doing in time to make correcting inputs and get my usual lap times. There is no E-stop switch available yet. But I am told that there will be one available soon. There were two accessory items include with my review unit. The VRS motor mount bracket, and the combination shaft clamp wheel hub adapter. This system is selling for 799.00 dollars. But if you get the hub adapter and motor mount, it will add an additional 100.00 to the cost. Overall I like what the guys at Virtual Racing School have
come up with here and I can certainly recommend it if you are in the market for a DD FFB wheel system.

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