SCO 6h Glen 2020 Review

CoRe P Wins 6h Glen & Podium in GTE Category!

The next special event by the Sports Car Open administration team was a six hours race at Watkins Glen which was held to compensate the missing 6h of the Glen event by iRacing. CoRe SimRacing was competing with three teams, Janne Kiuru with guest driver Kenny Roosen in the GTE category while Maxime Pauly, Maik Paluch, Pascal Stix and Carl Jansson split up to fill two Honda HPD Prototype teams.

Maxime qualified the secondary HPD team in 9th as he could not recall his optimal performance in the open qualifying session while Carl had to start from 3rd fighting out the pole position with Flamboyant Flamingo Racing and Mivano Simracing. Janne had to start the race with Kenny from a promising 6th position in class in an over 25 GTE’s big class category. A sketchy turn one moment started the race for all CoRe SimRacing efforts as we saw teams spin out of the first corner making teams avoid the car in front. Carl started to push to the lead from early on and Maxime was able to profit from an HPD crash in front which made the secondary HPD team sit on P4 for a couple of stints. Meanwhile the GTE effort was doing solid as Janne and Kenny were fighting for a podium position debating it out with SimRC and Prologue React’s Ford GT several times on track. Later on a massive safe from Carl in the leading HPD let the team wake up for a second.

Pascal took over for the ending stints in the leading HPD and had to deal with a splash & dash for the race finish against Mivano. Letting Mivano by for their first effort made Pascal fell down to P2 – but after the very last pitstop the team could advance to the lead again while Pascal kept his head cool and crossed the line as the Prototype winners of the SCO 6h of the Glen. Janne and Kenny finished the race on podium as well ending it 2nd behind SimRC who won the GTE category. Maik and Maxime, who were able to save enough fuel to avoid the ending pitstop did finish on the podium in 3rd – but later on got demoted to P13 for breaking the fair share driving limit rule of 70%. The broadcast of the race can be found here.

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