Fanatec Clubsport Wheel F1 2020 Review

Final thoughts on the F1 2020 wheel from the guys a Fanatec. This wheel is officially licensed for the new F1 2020 Codemasters game. I like that instead of just making an F1 V2 wheel with some different colors.
Fanatec actually made some noticeable changes here. First we have real perforated leather grips. I like the look of these grips. They offer a proper grip when using your bare hands. But when using gloves, they are a bit slippery. Of course this is nothing new. Smooth leather and gloves have always offered less grip than using bare hands. Just managing expectations here when using this wheel. Next we have the distinctive use of forged carbon fiber on the faceplate and the carbon shifter paddles. I like the reflective qualities of this type of carbon fiber. And it is becoming more popular as manufacturers find different ways of using it in consumer products. Speaking of the shifters. Fanatec calls these units the Clubsport Magnetic Paddle modules. For me this is the best part of the F1 2020 wheel. They have a great feel to them when in use. A very solid feel with an additional sense of percision in their stroke. And at 3mm thick we now have what I consider a proper carbon paddle from Fanatec. And you will be able to purchase these shifters in the near future. Of course the most visually noticeable difference of the F1 2020 wheel is the new shape. With its open bottom design it is easily distinguishable from the past F1 wheels that Fanatec has produced. Of course this also changes the way the wheel feels when in use. And it is not surprising that it has more flex in it that the F1 V2. But not something that I found annoying. It still has a good solid feel to when driving because of where you actually grip it. But you will notice a different overall feel when compared to the F1 V2 wheel. I like what Fanatec has done here with the F1 2020. And it seems that a lot of other people do to. As, they are already sold out of this strictly limited addition wheel.

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