ALL4SIM Meca Pedals Review

Final thoughts on the MECA Cup 1Sim racing pedals made in the Czech Republic by the guys at All4Sim. Here we have an all stainless steel constructed pedal set that out of the box feels like a premium kit. In hand they give the impression that there will be no flex felt when you have them under foot. The MECA Cup1’s each have their own load cell. With the Brake pedal load
cell maxing out at 100kg. Which should be enough pedal force for most sim racers out there I think. The Analog to Digital conversion duties are handled by the industry proven Leo Bodnar
load cell amplifier board. There are nice touches to be found all around the pedals construction. Rod ends and bronze bushings at the pivot points and laser cut 1.4301 stainless plate are all top shelf assemblies. The adjustable pedal faces look good and have enough movement in them to satisfy most position requirements. Be it heel and toe or left foot braking this set has it covered. All4Sim also offers a heel plate kit for the MECA CUP1 pedals. And I would highly recommend you get one if you order this pedal set. This is a massive over 16lb or just under 7.4
kilos, 8mm thick powder coated stainless steel plate. The fact that this is what the guys at ALL4SIM came up with demonstrates to me that they get it. If you want to get the most of what
your pedal set can deliver as far as feel and tactile feedback are concerned, you need as solid a mounting solution as you can get. With the MECA CUP1’s mounted to this plate there is just no flex period. The pedals feel light yet stiff under foot. And allowed them to feel very good right off the starting line. I use a heel and toe technique when testing pedals. This to put as
much pressure I can on them while I am testing. The MECA CUP1’s allowed me get up to speed almost immediately. Not many pedal sets have been able to do that at the SRG. Overall, as you can probably tell, the MECA CUP1 pedal set is one that I have no problem recommending to the Sim Racer looking for a new set of load cell based pedals.

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