Swedish Rig Designs Motus Ultimate Review

Final thoughts on the Modus Ultimate cockpit kit from the guys at Swedish Rig Designs. This cockpit is designed specifically for use with the Simrig SR1 motion system. Which I am reviewing for a later release date. So, it does have some parts that you would not see on some of the other cockpit kits available from SRD. The Modus Ultimate is designed to handle Direct Drive wheelbases. SRD uses aluminum profiles to build their cockpits. Which I consider to be the best way to construct a sim racing cockpit. No other prefab tube type cockpit offers the versatility that these aluminum extrusions do. The kit arrived from SRD in good shape with minimal scratching or dents. All the needed hardware was present
and accounted for. And I ended up with some spare parts that can be used to all more components in the future. Constructing the kit was pretty straight forward with no dramas. The part that took the most time was mounting up the four 20 series profiles used to attach the SR1 motion
systems actuators. I did change the pedal tray attachment points to get the proper foot position for the pedals I was using during my testing sessions. And it was nice to have some extra profile to get this done. The wheelbase section does have some flex to it but not enough the have
a negative effect on the driving experience. I really didn’t notice it much when turning laps. A good test for any cockpits stiffness is to have a motion solution mounted to it. And here the Modus Ultimate did a good job. I couldn’t detect enough flex for me to notice it when running the SR1 motion system. So, it gets good marks in that department. Now you can get this cockpit with the Simrig SR1 motion system for around 3140.00 or
3600.00 dollars. Which will be great news for those looking to get a four actuator motion system. Overall I think this cockpit is a solid unit and worth a look if you are in need of one.

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