Simrig SR1 Motion System Review

Final thoughts on the SR1 Motion system from the guys a Simrig in Sweden. Here we have a four actuator motion system that uses 3D printed parts along with Delrin and aluminum
to create an actuator the has some pretty good specs. With a 175kg load capacity, 70mm of travel, at 100mm per second. Which in use gives the sim racer a great motion experience. I like the tidy and professional layout on the Simrig proprietary controller circuit board. With nice features like fused circuits and Integrated Driver chips that are optimized for EMI reduction. All the cabling is nicely done with industry standard terminations. No shielding on the cables, which I would like to see. But this does keep the cost down and I did not have any EMI/RFI related issues. I also like the custom designed bits that can be found throughout this kit. Like the 3D printed casings on the Mean Well power supply and the upper actuator
support brackets. You can tell Simrig put a lot of time and effort into bringing the SR1 Motion System to market. The Simrig Control Center Tuning application is also a well developed
piece of software. It has a user friendly GUI with nice pop up screens to guide you through its use. Easy to manage profiles make customizing your setup for each car and track pretty
easy. Driving this system is a treat. Getting up an running with the Auto Tune function couldn’t be easier. Although I think the algorithm they are using is a bit over aggressive on the travel settings for tightly sprung cars. But it is easy to dial it down to your own personal preferences. Once that’s done, you are set to have some real fun here. Everything from circuit cars to the high flying Dirt Trucks gives you a satisfying experience. Now with a weight limit of 175kg all in, you will need take care in selecting cockpit materials and the hardware you run. But even with the heavier kit I was running, the SR1 was able to handle a 230 pound or 140kilos, driver without any degradation in performance that we could detect. Of course I can only vouch for actuator durability for the time I have been running this system. But the SR1 does come with a one year warranty. Overall I like what the guys at Simrig have come up with here. At a non VAT price of 2320 euro. I think anyone can see this will be a very desirable setup for a lot of Sim Racers. Unfortunately, this system in not currently shipping to North
America. But Simrig tells me that this will be sorted sometime around the third quarter of this year.

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