Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals Review

It’s nice to see high volume Sim Racing hardware manufacturers getting on board with better technologies in their products. Although it is late to the party, Thrustmaster is finally implementing a load cell in their brake pedal. Rated for 100kg of pressure insures that most will have ample stiffness in their brake pedal stroke if they want it. I do like the way the brake pedals force adjustment is done here. It is easy to change out the springs and there is enough variation in strength to satisfy most. The Hall effect sensors on the throttle and clutch pedals would indicate long life cycles for those parts. And less susceptible to dust and lent created issues. The cast aluminum pedal levers are a bit ruff looking on the finish. But, do lend themselves to an industrial look that I kind of like. And being all aluminum they
should out last any other component in this set. The pedal faces have enough adjustments in angle and location that I did not have a problem getting them in a position that I liked. Driving any pedal set is really were it matters most. I was able to get them dialed in to where I was comfortable. I like to use a heel and toe technique when I test pedals to see how they respond to the added pressure when compared to the usual left foot braking used in most cars these days. While they did allow me to carry on with the job of making shifts when I needed them to. This is also where they revealed some flex. I seemed to me that they just never felt completely solid under foot. And once I was doing the look inside segment, I believe I found the reason. The shafts that are used in the pedal levers pivot points are supported by the injection molded plastic used for the base in this pedal set. I would have liked to have seen some metal bases used here for the pedal levers. This to support the steel rods used in the pivot point. But at this price point I was not totally surprised to see this type of construction. Now I never had an issue while using the pedals. But I feel like this is an area that could use some improvement. Overall at the 200.00 price point this pedal set does offer some good features.

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