Prosimu T1000 M5 4DOF Motion Cockpit Review Part 1 “The Build”

Now this is a very long video, even when compared to my usual lengthy reviews. This directly reflects the build complexity of this platform. The metal beams and
other bits that make up this platform are what I consider to be rather heavy duty. And this a good thing. As they will be required to bear some very stressful loads from the motion it will be delivering. All the parts have a nice black powder coat finish on them. The welds on the larger load bearing beams are nice and thick. Creating a good durability expectation. Actually assembly of is a bit more involved than say a profile style platform. There are many bolts and nuts to cinch down
here. And some of the attachment points required some creativity to be employed to get them properly located for fixing. Some areas require the proper assembly sequence to insure you don’t cover up a bolt or nut access hole. So slow and steady was the rule for this build. For the yaw element of this platform, Prosimu has
chosen to go with transfer bearings. Which I think is a very good choice. And the fact that they are used at all four corners of the moving base, ensures the
SCN6 actuator has a very smooth and easy to move platform. Much better solution than a single pivot bearing used in many other yaw capable cockpits. The top
frame assembly is the heaviest part of this unit. I managed to get it assembled and installed by myself, but I would recommend having a friend help you out. Of
course the heft is directly proportionate to the forces it will be subject to from the four 150mm travel actuators. Speaking of which. These are Prosimu’s proprietary actuators. Call the PRS200 they deliver what I would consider some very good specs. At 280mm per second of travel and capable of up to 2g’s of acceleration up to 193kg. I can’t wait to get them up and running for testing. This unit came with the T1000 cockpit assembly. With wheelbase, shifter and pedal tray assemblies that seem to be sturdy enough to keep a driver happy. But of course we will have to wait and see how it does once I start driving it. The seat that can be ordered with the T1000 also seems to have a nice and stiff shell. With a good looking soft cover with adequate padding. Of course when comes to a seat for sim racing you
really don’t know how it will work for you until you use it. Overall this build went as smoothly as I could have expected. It did take me a while to get it done. But now that it is finished, it does give confidence that it will be able to deliver a good motion experience. But more on that in the “Setup” video. In that production I will be
going through the steps to bring the motion system online and tuning it to my own personal preferences.

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