Cube Controls Formula CSX 2 Review

This is Cube Controls flagship Formula 1 wheel from their Formula 1 wheel line. Which includes the Formula Sport, which I have already reviewed a while back. and the Formula Pro. This CSX 2 is a feature packed F1 style wheel. I think it can do just about anything that you would want to with all the available inputs. The lighted buttons have good spring tension and a satisfying click when you press them. The addition of the different sized button shields with raised sections. Allows you to easily navigate between them once you mentally map your anchor points. This is a plus if you are a VR driver. Easy to find you way around all of the controls using the different sized button shields as a guide. The 7 way hat joystick is a great feature and worked as designed. I  only wish there was more than one of them. The knob on this 7 way has nice definitive edges on it. Giving you a good non slip surface to grip. Which is also a feature on
the side and grip rotory switches. Speaking of which, they feel like very good units. Very little lash on the shafts and good feedback from the detents in them. No problem feeling how many clicks you have turned them. The front rotorys also have aluminum knobs, but have a smoother edge on them. They also work very well with only enough lash to let them turn. The selector switches do have a bit more lash than the other encoders but did not have any issues when
I was using them. The UGT display that Cube is using here is a treat to look at. All 4.3 inches of it. The UGT app that controls the display and wheel functions is easy to use and allows you to do a lot of customization to your dashes. I did have an issue with changing the color of one of my added elements. But other than that it worked quite well. The Cube Controls shifters are up to the usual high standard I am used to when reviewing their wheels. Good range of adjustments and just fun to use. Using a Hall effect solution on them should give them long life cycles. The dual clutches did a great job of allowing me to dial in a good launch point. And no hoops to jump through. Just turn the bite point wheel to adjust. And off you go. I like that Cube has added reinforcement points
where the 4mm thick carbon plate meets the grips. This has certainly made a noticeable improvement to the overall stiffness of the wheel. Now this is by no means and inexpensive wheel. At 1500.00 plus shipping, not something that everyone is going to want. But it is a feature packed F1 style wheel that has
a solid build quality to it. And believe or not, you can spend a lot more than this on a function rich F1 wheel in the today’s market. So, I think if you are looking for this type of wheel, the CSX 2 should be on your short list of ones to consider I think.

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