The same, but different…

As of today, SR247 will be making a change to our modus operandi. Unfortunately life has gotten more busy for us across the board and we just couldn’t find the time needed to post as often as we’d like to, but it isn’t the end of SR247. We will be making the metamorphosis into something that’s the same, but different…

We’re going to be phasing out from the long form content we’ve been posting and moving to a primary focus on some other (less advertised) avenues we’ve been exploring along side the written content. The first of which is a collection of open source software projects we have been developing for a while to work with the iRacing platform.


The most mature of which is Sim Stat Tracker, which can be found at The others while less mature, are still functional and development will continue on them over the foreseeable future.

Those projects are Hybrid Dash and Race Control.



iRacing Leagues

In conjunction with our software, we’ll also be launching ourselves into the world of iRacing leagues. Starting in April 2020 we’ll be hosting the SR247 British GT Open. An iRacing league based on the British GT Championship. For more information visit

Thanks for your support until now and we look forward to seeing you on the track soon.

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