DOFReality H3 Motion Cockpit Review

You may have watched the previous review I did on the H2 2DOF motion system. And a lot of what you saw in that review carries over to this one. I did not do a complete build segment of the cockpit
assembly as I covered that in the H2 review. And I also wanted show how you can upgrade an existing H2 system to the yaw equipped H3 system. But I did go into detail on how to assemble the traction loss elements required to make the conversion. As we saw it really is pretty easy to make this upgrade. The only drama I encountered was having to chase the M10 threads on the chassis with a tap to remove the powder coating that had gotten onto the threads. Once everything was bolted together, all you have to do is set the H2 platform on top of the newly built traction loss assembly. Then connect the yaw motors lever to the M10 bolt via the threaded rod and rod end assembly. The kit comes with it’s own controller box to accommodate all three motors. Once that was done just a matter of testing the motors to ensure the proper movements, and it’s time to go racing. Using the Sim Racing Studio app to tune the motion is very easy. And there are plenty of effects for you to play with. If you have ever tuned a motion system with sim tools you will love the SRS controller app. Much easier to use. Driving the H3 was much like the H2 but of course now we have traction loss. The DOFReality systems offer a large range of motion. It’s not the smoothest motion you can buy, but it does a pretty good job. Especially when you consider the price point it comes in at. All three directions of freedom are easy to feel. And
there is plenty of power on hand if you want it. Overall for the price I think the DOFReality system is a good one. And they are continuing to improve where they think it need it. In fact the motion on the H2
and this H3 unit is much improved over the original M2 seat mover I review a while back. From the emails I get from other Sim racers, I know that many are looking for a way to get into a motion system without breaking the bank. I think that this where the DOFReality motion systems come into their own. And are definitely worth a look.

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