How to Create More Storage Space in a Smaller Kitchen

Kitchen appliances with multiple functions, such as this refrigerator with a built-in Keurig coffeemaker, can help you squeeze more storage space out of your kitchen design!

Nearly everyone dreams of having a luxurious, massive kitchen area, full of the space they need to have dedicated storage spaces for all of their kitchen items and a walk-in pantry for their foodstuffs. While it’s true that some are living that dream in their homes, the sad truth is that most of us are stuck with a kitchen that isn’t big enough for our ambitions! Space is a premium commodity in our homes and nowhere is this truer than in our kitchens. However, there are steps you can take to create more storage space in kitchens of any size

Utilizing Windowsills

If the windows in your kitchen have sills, these are great areas to squeeze out a little more storage space. Many homeowners use their windowsills to grow small herb plants, but if your windowsill is deep enough, you could store many of the items that clutter your counters, such as carafes, canisters, and other containers. Even windowsills with shallow depths can serve a purpose and help you create a little more storage space in your cabinets and on your counters than you might not have had before!

Smart Drawers

Your kitchen drawers actually have a lot of potential storage applications if you think beyond your silverware. They can hold spices and pantry items in addition to small tools that you may use more or less often in your kitchen life. Look into drawer dividers, which can help neatly organize your drawers into smaller storage units.

Space Above the Cabinets

The space above your cabinetry is a great space to store any items that you use more infrequently in your kitchen. Items such as woks, Creuset ovens, large pots, and smaller kitchen appliances can have a home in your kitchen that won’t make your more frequently used tools harder to access.

Multi-Functional Appliances

Smaller appliances, such as the coffee maker, can really take a toll on counter space, especially if you use them frequently. Why not outfit your kitchen with appliances that can serve multiple purposes? For instance, you could opt for a refrigerator with a built-in Keurig coffee dispenser so you’ll always have easy access to your morning cup of joe and still clear out some space on your counters. Today’s kitchen appliances have much more functionality than they used to, and you can use this new technology to your advantage to maximize the storage space in your kitchen as well.

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