Feel VR Pedals One Review

First impressions of this pedal set out of the box is positive. Having an all metal construction give them a heft that you would not expect from a set of pedals at this price point. At 6.3 kilos a substantial feeling kit here. The aesthetics on the set do seem to come together for an overall pleasing look I think. Throughout this review I tried to properly manage the expectation of a pedal set that comes in at the price that the early supporters got them at. I found that expectations were exceeded in some areas and not met in others. The high points being a brake pedal with a load cell and decent bumper stack. The
contactless position sensors on the clutch and throttle. The custom circuit board sporting the load cell amplifier and USB conversion electronics. A very good range of adjustability is available in all the pedals. The pedal faces, although not what I would call stainless, do have nice shapes to them that lend to themselves to smoother pedal operation. Then we have areas where this set needs some improvement I think. There are sharp edges on some of the parts used in sets construction. With the most notable being the pedal faces. The back edge of these pieces were sharp enough to cause
some concern. So, one needs to be mindful of this when working on the pedals. The overall finish on this set could easily be improved by filing down the sharp edges. The metal plate that all the parts are mounted to is just too thin. It causes some unnecessary flex when the pedals are being used. So much so that pushing on the brake pedal actually induces movement in both the clutch and throttle pedals. I did sense some tortional flex in the pedal arms under hard use. I believe this is due to the unsupported span on the pedal levers between the top spreader and the rod end mounting point. The brake pedal pivot point quickly developed a very annoying metallic squeak. I was able to temporarily fix this with some spray lube. Not enough to keep the squeak from returning though. Again, I think this is something that the guys at Feel VR should be able to fix with a few tweaks to the joints assembly. Overall, I think these pedals still need some refinement to make them what I think they are capable of being.

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